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Charter Members


 Article I  Name

 Article II  Fiscal Year

 Article III  Purpose and Objectives

 Article IV  Membership

 Article V  Officers and Board of Directors

 Article VI  Nominations and Elections

 Article VII  Duties of Officers

 Article VIII  Standing and Special Committees

 Article IX  Meetings

 Article X  Quorum and Voting

 Article XI  Amendments

 Article XII  Dissolution

 Article XIII  Parliamentary Authority

Committee Duties

 Section 1  Amending Committee Duties

 Section 2  Duties Of Committees

 2.1  Budget

 2.2  Comb Binding

 2.3  Education

 2.4  Fundraising

 2.5  Genealogist

 2.6  Historian

 2.7  Hospitality

 2.8  Interest Groups

 2.9  Librarian

 2.10  Library Volunteers

 2.11  Membership

 2.12  Newsletter Editor

 2.13  Post Office Box

 2.14  Program

 2.15  Publications

 2.16  Publicity

 2.17  Review

 2.18  Surname File

 2.19  Traveling Librarian

 2.20  Webmaster



  • To stimulate interest in genealogy and aid individual members in compiling their family records.
  • Seek genealogical and historical knowledge.
  • Preserve and perpetuate the records of our ancestors.
  • Promote the preservation of public and private genealogical material.




The late CarolLe Berry of Auburn, Washington founded the South King County Genealogical Society in the summer of 1979. CarolLe had been teaching a series of genealogical research classes at the Kent Public Library, and she noticed that the same people attended most of the classes. It was suggested that a club or society be formed, with regular meetings.


In the fall of 1979, an agreement was completed making this fledgling group a branch of the Seattle Genealogical Society. This provided the newly formed group the benefit of the SGS newsletter and library collection. Officers were elected and a schedule of regular meetings was established.


Hilda Hemmingson Meryhew was elected the first President. She recalls, "No one volunteered to be President. CarolLe said if no one volunteers, we can't form our society. It seemed very hopeless to me, so I thought, 'why not?' I had no idea what I was doing, but we learned fast and it was a challenge, and fun and very rewarding."


Words she wrote in the Society's first newsletter continue to reflect the philosophy of the Society to this day: "To leave a record of the past as a guide to future generations, to be able to penetrate the past, solve a problem or meet and conquer a challenge, is an experience of great satisfaction."


Changes occurred over the years. In June 1984, members voted to break from SGS, and in September 1984, South King County Genealogical Society became a society in its own right. A logo and motto, "Searching for Our Roots", were chosen. Anyone who joined prior to 31 May 1985 became a charter member.


SKCGS has published pedigree chart books, cemetery books and death indexes, hosted seminars and workshops, and taught research skills classes at local libraries. Its members remain committed to the goal of preserving the legacy of our past for future generations, helping each other along the way.




South King County Branch, Seattle Genealogical Society:


Hilda Meryhew  1979 - 1981

Donna Grothaus  1981 - 1983

Rebel Kreklow (co)  1983 - 1984

Richard Sell (co)  1983 - 1984


South King County Genealogical Society:


    Rebel Kreklow (co)  1984 - 1985

    Richard Sell (co)  1984 - 1985

    CarolLe Berry  1985 - 1987

    Kathleen Field  1987 - 1988

    Elsie Trautloff  1988 - 1989

    Velma Rice  1989 - 1991

    Erma Swift  1991 - 1993

    Jean Whisler  1993 - 1994

    Betty Cooper  1994 - 1996

    Susan Coles  1996 - 1998

    Colleen Rockwell  1998 - 2000

    Phyllis Haynen  2000 - 2002

    Tracy Arnold (co)  2002 - 2004

    Cathy Wooden (co)  2002 - 2004

    Lauren Richardson  2004 - 2005

    Cathryn E. Vannice  2005 - 2007

    Susan Coles  2007 - 2008

    Tom Hammond  2008 - 2010

    Lin Bress  2010 - 2011

    Winona Laird  2011 - 2013

    Janet Camarata  2013 - 2015

    Dave Liesse  2015 - 2017

Barbara Mattoon  2017 -


Charter Members


    William L. Adams

    Judith Dempsey Aeschliman

    Margaret Oakley Alder

    Lillian Wanamaker Anderson

    Clemence Rhea Baker

    John Baker

    Mary Kitchell Baker

    Elva Barber

    Patsy Barber

    Marilyn Bell

    Peggy Bentz

    CarolLe Stratton Berry

    Laura Anderson Billy

    Patricia Bristow

    Elizabeth Graber Borgner

    Francis Bosshart

    Waneta King Bosshart

    June Wilson Branch

    Gerald L. Burke

    Marcella Seright Burkett

    Norma Kibby Burroughs

    Robert A. Butler

    Clarice Doerner Bryan

    Jacqueline Walling Cadle

    Constance Artz Cain

    Arlene Clark Carley

    W. Ray Carley

    Frank E. Carnahan

    Sharon Poulsen Carnahan

    Helen Roberts Carpenter

    Jackie Glen Cedarholm

    Virginia Roberts Chubb

    Lois Knadle Clapper

    Susan Coles

    Joyce Schroeder Cornelius

    Doris Arkills Cornell

    Janice Porter Cornell

    Ina Randall Cornell

    Beverly Marks Cotter

    James M. Cotter

    Janet Wilkie Crowley

    William J. Crowley

    Ardice Bennett Cunningham

    James A. Cunningham

    Barbara Kern Devine

    Lois Brin Diemert

    Frances Love Dills

    Fred Dills

    Jean Boughton Doering

    Lawrence Dome

    Patricia Beagle Dome

    Melissa Nash Donner

    Marilyn Kemp Dorval

    Patricia Lanway Dowling

    Braxton M. Dunn

    Klara Haty Dunn

    Lois Piper Ebbert

    Jack Edwards

    Betty Morris Falk

    Kathleen Field

    Grayce Peterson Fremow

    Robert L. Fremow

    Clella Fox Galbreath

    Margaret Leach Ganung

    Elaine Ebbert Gauthier

    Harriet Havener Greenfield

    Florence Woodward Grillo

    Donna Burkert Grothaus

    Sarah Harding

    Doris Harris

    Daniel L. Healy

    Karen Furman Healy

    Margaret Woods Heller

    Donald Henderson

    Ruth Walter Henderson

    Barbara Stokey Heutchy

    Nancy Hamblin Hill

    Virginia Williams Hill

    Geneice Wilson Hoag

    Maurice L. Hoag

    Vivian Drake Howe

    Sammie Dudley Hudlicky

    Katherine Fugate Huhn

    Gaetano Iodice

    Louise Owens-Fortier Iodice

    Judith Ivanovich

    Ivan Jacobs

    Flora Rollins Janke

    Wesley F. Janke

    Anne Jensen

    James H. Johanneck

    Maryann Heiling Johanneck

    Audrey Lamb Johnson

    Roma Leaming Judge

    Anita Huntley Jump

    Mary Raybeck Kilbourn

    Lola Hinman Kimmel

    Athella Thompson King

    Shirley Plattor King

    Sharon Martin Kline

    Alexis Alexander Kolb

    Rebel L. Kreklow

    Carol Wigen Krull






    Alice Kubisky

    Beverly Schalow Lagasca

    Margaret Parslow Larson

    Melvin E. Lee

    Mariette B. Lee

    Grace Mooney Lee

    Dorothy Wilson Legge

    Helen McGreer Lewis

    H. Donald Linehan

    Margaret Hofling Linehan

    Colleen Young Linzi

    Emma Heustis Livermore

    Marlene Frostad Lundin

    Clara Jacobson MacPherson

    Marian Hoge Mackenzie

    Janice Eberly Maguire

    Echo Coats Mallery

    Louise Jones Manning

    Roberta Crisp Morley

    Patricia Huse Marshall

    Eugene M. Mason

    Ina Hardman Mason

    Beatrice Whaley Mathewson

    Maxine Greggs Maulsby

    Helen McConnell

    Iris McDaniel McCrabb

    Violet Ranne McElhinney

    Anna Otteman Meltvedt

    Hilda Hemmingson Meryhew

    Arliene Kammeyer Miller

    Phyllis Pahl Mitchell

    Margaret Curtis Moen

    Alice Graden Montgomery

    Betty Herr Moore

    Donald Morisch

    James Mulkins

    Edna Kreutz Murtishaw

    Fred Murtishaw

    Betty McAlexander Myette

    Mary Riddle Nation

    Francis Near

    Shelagh Walters Near

    Betty Hawkins Neilson

    Clarissa Wedeking Nelson

    Patricia Schnyder Niederkorn

    Deborah Oskam-Davis

    John C. Palstring

    Barbara Matthes Parker

    Julia Wennersten Patterson

    Bernice Graber Paull

    Edna Rowan Peak

    Mary Penberthy

    Judy Knopp Pepper

    Donald L. Perkins

    Joyce Hart Perkins

    Veronica Peterson

    Freda Swayne Peterson

    Helen Cushman Peterson

    Gladys Isdell Plemmons

    Catherine Byrnes Ploegman

    Jeanette Gray Price

    Myrtle Green Prohaska

    Mary Riffey Propst

    Willis Propst

    Sue Kane Quigley

    Mable Peck Rayback

    Vivian Marick Richardson

    Carmen Phelan Rock

    Ardeth Allden Rollwagon

    Richard Ryan

    Margaret Overton Salais

    Richard Salais

    Carole Bierman Sayers

    Gayle Eastman Schnell

    Geraldine Rawls Scott

    Glenn I. Scott

    Richard H. Sell

    Theodore S. Sholdra

    Kathleen Hargiss Sidwell

    Marcia Hoag Smith

    Doris Thompson Smith

    Ina Curless Sparks

    Erma Chapman Swift

    Joan Koppenheffer Thorson

    Jean Richards Timmermeister

    Ruth Diehl Toland

    Elsie Sandberg Trautloff

    Henry I. Trautloff

    Donna Kennedy Tucker

    Donna Kisner Turrelli

    Madge Lee Vashoe

    Milton B. Vaught

    Ruby Gilderhus Vaught

    James Walters

    R. Maxine Leitzinger Walters

    Maureen White

    Shirley Whitehead Wiese

    Sheila Wilson

    Claire Lookhart Wood

    Sandra Blye Woodworth

    Barbara Workman

    Roberta J. Yates



Article I     NAME

The name of this organization shall be "South King County Genealogical Society," hereinafter referred to as the "Society."


Article II     FISCAL YEAR

The Society's fiscal year shall be from 1 June through 31 May.



1                      The purpose of this Society, organized as a nonprofit corporation, shall be educational as provided in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It shall be devoted to furthering genealogical research.

2                      The objectives of this Society shall be:

2.1       To stimulate a popular interest in genealogy

2.2       To seek genealogical and historical knowledge

2.3       To preserve and perpetuate the records of our ancestors

2.4       To aid individuals in compiling their family histories

2.5       To promote the preservation of public and private genealogical material

2.6       To cooperate with other organizations in furtherance of mutual objectives



1                      Membership shall be open to any person interested in research and study of family history upon application and payment of prescribed dues.

2                      Membership categories shall be:

2.1       INDIVIDUAL: An individual member shall receive periodic copies of any newsletter or bulletin produced by the Society, and shall be entitled to submit queries to the newsletter and to check out materials from the traveling library.

2.2       DUAL: Any two persons residing in the same household may be eligible for a dual membership. Each person is entitled to the same privileges as an individual member. Dues for such two persons shall be 50% more than that for an individual membership.

2.3       CHARTER: Any person who joined the Society before 31 May 1985 shall be recognized as a charter member.

2.4       LIFE: The sale of lifetime memberships was suspended indefinitely as of 1 June 2005. Lifetime membership includes dues paid for life. Upon the death of a lifetime member, a book will be purchased in the deceased's name and placed in the SKCGS library collection.

3                      Annual dues are payable as of the first of June.

4                      "Members in good standing" are those whose dues are not delinquent. Any member whose dues have not been paid by 30 June shall be considered delinquent. If dues are still delinquent by 31 August said member shall be dropped from the membership.

5                      The Board of Directors may recommend a revision of the annual dues. This recommendation must be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of those members in good standing present at any general monthly meeting, provided that the membership has been notified in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting date established to revise the dues.



1                      The elected officers of the Society shall be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

2                      The term of office shall be two (2) years. President and Treasurer will be elected on the odd years and the Vice President and Secretary shall be elected on the even years.

3                      No Officer shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office.

4                      The Board of Directors, hereinafter referred to as the Board, shall consist of the elected Officers and the appointed chairs of all Committees and Interest Groups.



1                      Nominations for officers shall be made by a Nominating Committee, consisting of three (3) members to be appointed by the President no later than the January general meeting: one (1) member to be selected from the Board of Directors and two (2) members from the general membership, plus one (1) alternate from the Board. The Nominating Committee shall be given a list of each officer's duties, together with names of members in good standing, and accordingly select at least one nominee for each office to be filled. The Committee shall report the slate of nominees to the Newsletter Editor and the Webmaster by the deadline for the April newsletter and the general membership at the March meeting. The slate shall be published in the April newsletter and on the society’s website no later than 30 days preceding the May election.

2                      Nominations may be made from the floor at any general meeting prior to the election, including the May general meeting.

3                      Only members in good standing for one year prior to the election and who have consented to serve if elected shall be eligible for nomination.

4                      In the event that there is more than one (1) nominee for any office, written ballots shall be required and an Election Committee shall be appointed by the President to count the ballots and report the results.

5                      The Officers shall be elected by a simple majority of all members present and voting at the May meeting. Newly elected Officers shall assume office on 1 June.

6                      In the event of the resignation or incapacity of any Officer, the unexpired term of office shall be filled by a member elected by a majority vote of the Board. Should this be the office of President, the Vice President shall succeed and the Board shall elect a Vice President.



1                      The President shall preside at all meetings of the Society, shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Society, shall be ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee, and shall appoint the Chair of each committee, subject to the approval of the Board.

2                      The Vice President shall assist the President in the administrative duties and shall perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of the President to serve.

3                      The Secretary shall record the minutes of all Board and general membership meetings; email a copy of the draft minutes to the Board and read such minutes as requested at the respective Board or general meeting. The Secretary shall record the roll at meetings of the Board and shall preserve all minutes and reports. The Secretary shall be responsible for all business correspondence of the Society, including sending appropriate cards for illness or death.

4                      The Treasurer shall collect and record all funds received by the Society and shall pay all authorized bills of the Society in a timely manner. The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of all receipts and expenditures, submit an annual report to the general membership at the first meeting after the end of the fiscal year, and as requested. The Treasurer shall serve on the Budget Committee.

4.1       The Treasurer shall provide access to all fiscal year accounting records as requested by the Review Committee.

4.2       The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining a list of all assets owned by the Society, including original cost and current location of each item.

4.3       The Treasurer is deemed to be the registered agent, as required by Washington State law and shall file all IRS reports and forms required by our organization's 501(c)3 status.

5                      Authority to sign checks is delegated to the President, Vice President and the Treasurer of the Society. Two (2) signatures shall be required on all checks over $100.00.



1                      The chairs of all committees shall be members in good standing.

2                      Duties of the committees shall be set forth in a separate section of the Handbook.


Article IX     MEETINGS

1                      General membership meetings shall be held monthly except in July, August and December.

2                      Special meetings or activities may take place in addition to the general meetings at the request of the President or by special request of a minimum of five (5) members in good standing. All special meetings must receive approval of the Board.

3                      The Board shall meet monthly prior to the general membership meeting. When there is no general meeting, the Board may meet at the discretion of the President.

4                      The May general meeting shall be the Annual Meeting.


Article X     QUORUM and VOTING

1                      Seven (7) members of the Board shall constitute a quorum for any meeting of the Board.

2                      Twenty (20) members in good standing shall constitute a quorum at general meetings.

3                      Voting shall be either by voice or by written ballot at the discretion of the presiding officer except for the election of officers which shall be subject to the provisions of Article VI.

4                      No member in good standing shall have more than one (1) vote on any given issue at any one time.

5                      There shall be no proxy voting.



1          All proposed amendments to the Bylaws shall be submitted to the Board in writing and must show the wording of the entire paragraph to be amended and the proposed change. The Board shall report its recommendation for approval or disapproval to the membership.

2                      Amendments to the Bylaws shall become effective upon two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of those members in good standing, present and voting at any general meeting or meeting called for such purpose.

3                      Notice of Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws shall be published and/or delivered to all members at least thirty (30) days before the meeting.


NOTE: In order to maintain the "non-profit organization" status, Articles III and XII must not be amended or deleted except to conform to new directives of the Internal Revenue Service.



Upon dissolution of the Society, the Officers who serve as the Board of Directors shall, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all liabilities of the Society, offer the assets of the Society to any Washington State organization having objectives substantially like or similar to those of this organization, under Section 501 (c) (3) of Internal Revenue Code.



1                      These Bylaws shall constitute the governing rules of this Society.

2                      Any matter not covered by these Bylaws shall be controlled, where applicable, by The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure.


Amended 18 October 2014

• • • • END OF BYLAWS • • • •


Committee Duties



These committee duties may be amended by a simple majority of those members of the Board present at a regular meeting of the Board. Proposed amendments to the Committee Duties shall be submitted to the Board in writing and must show the wording of the entire paragraph to be amended and the proposed change.



2.1                   BUDGET

A committee of three people shall be appointed by the President at the June meeting.

A         Meets with the Treasurer to prepare the annual budget.

B         Presents budget for approval of the Board at the September meeting.

C         Presents budget for approval of the membership at the September meeting.


2.2                   COMB BINDING

A         Has possession of comb binding machine and supplies.

B         Receives Society publications from the Publication Committee and binds them according to the directions in the Comb Binding Procedure Book.

C         Comb binds material for members. A fee determined by the Board is charged for this service. The comb binding service and fees are advertised in the newsletter. Fees shall be forwarded to the Treasurer.

D         Submits a comb bind inventory at regular intervals to the Treasurer (at least once at the end of each fiscal year).

E          Purchases comb binding supplies.


2.3                   EDUCATION

A         Plans education classes external to the Society, finds places to meet, and negotiates fees, as appropriate. Funds so raised shall be forwarded to the Treasurer.

B         Develops a standardized curriculum.

C         Respond to requests from external organizations for such programs.


2.4                   FUNDRAISING

Upon approval of the Board, a committee chair and volunteers willing to work on a project until completed may undertake a fund raising project. Funds so raised are forwarded to the Treasurer.


2.5                   GENEALOGIST

A         Receives genealogical inquiries.

B         Replies to the inquirer with information to the extent that is available through Society publications.

C         May have the assistance of a committee or place the inquiry as a query in the Society newsletter.

D         Forwards any donations received for inquiries to the Treasurer.

E          Keeps a copy of all SKCGS publications.


2.6                   HISTORIAN

A         Collects and preserves all items of current events and historical interest to the Society.

B         Compiles such items into a scrapbook.


2.7                   HOSPITALITY

A         Makes arrangements for refreshments at general meetings, workshops or special meetings as requested.

B         Has custody of hospitality supplies.


2.8                   INTEREST GROUPS

Groups for sharing and discussion of research in various subjects may be set up as indicated by member interest. Each group shall appoint a chairperson who:

A         Arranges places for meetings as far in advance as possible.

B         Notifies the newsletter editor, webmaster, and publicity chairperson promptly of meeting date and time plus any other pertinent information.

C         Informs Budget committee of financial needs.

D         Composes articles about the group and its activities for newsletter and/or publicity.


2.9                   LIBRARIAN

A         Purchases and processes new books and electronic media and gives the books and electronic media, as appropriate to the reference librarian at Auburn branch of the King County Library or to the traveling librarian.

B         Processing for books going to Auburn Library includes making a card for the librarian's file (how and when acquired, cost, etc.), adding to the bibliography, and filling out a King County Library System form.

C         Processing for books going into the traveling library includes the above, plus stamping the book with SKCGS stamp and giving it a card catalog number.

D         Maintains an up-to-date bibliography on computer for the Webmaster.

E          Acknowledges donations to the library.

F          Establishes and chairs an acquisitions committee as appointed by the President.

G         Prepares book orders.

H         Keeps subscriptions current.

I           Maintains a file of current catalogues.

J           Prepares a list of new acquisitions and any library news of interest for the newsletter.

K         Maintains a list of the life members and the books purchased in deceased members memory.

L          Receives exchange newsletters and carries out the following tasks with respect to those newsletters:

1.         Notifies person making mailing labels of any address changes, including email addresses.

2.         Extracts articles of interest for "From Our Exchanges" newsletter column and gives to newsletter editor for publication.

3.         Gives exchange newsletters to Auburn Library or Traveling Library, as appropriate for either vertical file or shelf.


2.10                 LIBRARY VOLUNTEERS

Society library volunteers are members of the society who serve in the genealogy section of the Auburn Library. This committee recruits and schedules members for the following duties:

A         Serve a two-hour period once a month.

B         Assists and answers questions to the best of their ability for patrons seeking genealogy help.

C         Most patrons are beginners so volunteers are not required to have great genealogical knowledge. Information is derived from the genealogy computer, books and vertical file.

D         Refers patrons to other resources for further help.


2.11                 MEMBERSHIP

A         One member of the Membership committee or an alternate appointed by the Membership chair shall attend all general meetings, arriving one-half hour early for sign-in, responding to membership inquiries and to meet and greet people. Volunteer greeters may assist the membership person.

1.         Provides a sign-in sheet at the general meetings.

2.         Provides a welcome letter and application form to visitors.

B         Accepts membership applications, renewals and applicable payments.

1.         Prepares receipt in triplicate, the original for the member, a copy for the Treasurer and a copy for the membership files.

2.         Prepares an appropriate Income Receipt Form giving the Form together with the payments and the copies of the receipts to the Treasurer.

3.         Furnishes membership card to the member together with a new member packet when appropriate. New member packets may be mailed to members for an additional fee to be determined by the Board.

4.         Updates membership file in the Membership database as needed.

5.         Confirms that member data on renewal forms are accurate in the database.

C         Maintains accurate records of members in good standing.

D         Keeps sign-in sheets for a period of three years.

E          Maintains records as necessary for annual review.

F          Sends reminders to members when their dues are delinquent.

G         Maintains list of non-renewed members for a period of two years after the expiration of their membership.

H         Provides mailing labels for events as requested.

I           Provides electronic list of members and email addresses for the members who receive the newsletter electronically to the Newsletter editor.

J           Sends a copy of an electronic version of the current membership list to the Board after the September general meeting and at any other time upon request.


 2.12                 NEWSLETTER EDITOR

A         Publishes the official publication for the Society four times a year (January, April, July, October).

B         Publishes a one page So King Extra, when needed.

C         Publishes any items in the Society newsletter that are specifically requested by the Board.

D         Accumulates materials to be considered for publication in the Society newsletter. Obtains permission from author/publisher to use copyrighted material.

E          Each newsletter should contain:

1.         Name and official address of the Society.

2.         Volume and issue number.

3.         Date (month/year).

4.         Message from the President.

5.         Notice of date, place, time and program for upcoming meetings.

6.         List of officers and committee chairpersons with SKCGS e-mail addresses.

7.         Mission statement.

8.         Announcements of coming activities, fundraisers, exhibits and new developments of interest to members.

9.         Brief reports on special events such as conferences and seminars.

10.       New additions to the library.

11.       News from the exchange newsletters.

12.       Reports on important decisions made by the Board, if the President has not done so in his/her message.

13.       Gives credit for origin of articles from other newsletters or publications.

14.       List of Society publications for sale.

15.       Name of editor and how to contact.

F          Issues with special articles:

April: Slate of Officers for the upcoming year to be voted on at the May meeting. Membership renewals are due 1 June.


2.13                 POST OFFICE BOX

A         Maintains custody of the post office box key. Assistant also has a key.

B         Regularly collects mail from the box and distributes as appropriate.

C         Forwards any fees due to the Treasurer and updates post office records as needed.


2.14                 PROGRAM

A         Arranges to have a speaker at each general meeting.

B         Determines appropriate fee, if any. Secures check from Treasurer to present to the speaker after the program.

C         Prepares copies of any handouts if speaker does not provide them.

D         Arranges for the introduction of the speaker at the meeting.

E          Obtains short biographical information for the introduction, the newsletter and the website.


2.15                 PUBLICATIONS

A         Prepares sales list of publications, provides list to the newsletter for publication in each newsletter, distributes list as required.

B         Maintains custody of the Society's publication masters in hard copy and/or CD format of the Society's printed publications. Keeps inventory of current stock. Ensures that a CD copy of masters, if available, is stored in the Society's safe deposit box.

C         Mails or delivers all orders, distributes donations and copies for review. Forwards a sales receipt form with payments to the Treasurer.

D         Submits expenses, accompanied by an expense form for mailing supplies, postage and other associated expenses in a timely manner to the Treasurer for payment and/or reimbursement.

E          Maintains mailing list of possible purchasers of publications and notifies them of new Society publications which are available for purchase.

F          Keeps record of purchasers' selections including all other societies with whom we exchange publications.

G         Contacts other societies for the exchanging of publications.

H         Arranges with person in charge of the comb binder to comb bind all printed publications.

I           Receives masters of new publications, prepares them for publication and prints as requested.

J           Maintains a SKCGS Publications Procedures Book, which describes processes for printing, binding, current cost and profit analyses and other information important to the managing of the Society's publications.

K         Works with volunteers to complete digitizing of all publications.


2.16                 PUBLICITY

A         Prepares and maintains a flyer or brochure for distribution to libraries, historical and genealogical societies and others as appropriate.

B         Acts as liaison to Association of King County Historical Organizations (AKCHO) and South King County Cultural Coalition (SoCoCulture).


2.17                 REVIEW

A committee of three people shall be appointed by the President before the May meeting or as be needed to carry out the following duties:

A         Performs a review of the Treasurer's records annually and as needed.

B         The review is done as soon as possible after the close of the fiscal year.


2.18                 SURNAME FILE

A         Gathers surnames from Society members and maintains a database of current information to help our membership connect with others who are researching the same names and/or locations.

B         Prepares and maintains the database for those Society members who wish to have their surnames online at the Society's website.

C         Obtain permission from each submitter before including email addresses on the website.

D         Brings a hard copy of the list containing all submissions from Society members to each general meeting, thereby making surnames not included on the website accessible to other members (website surnames must have submitter's permission before posting).


2.19                 TRAVELING LIBRARIAN

A         Receives books from the Society's librarian (who is in charge of book purchasing and the housing of our books, in the King County Library System, Auburn, WA branch).

B         Divides the library books according to subject matter between the following topics:

1.         Audio, digital and video media.

2.         Books that pertain to United States research.

3.         Overseas research.

4.         General how-to books.


C         Places an envelope pocket in the inside of the front cover of each book or packet received. Makes an index card for insertion in this pocket, showing the name of book, author, etc. The card is to be marked indicating in which box the book is kept. This card is used when a person checks out this book. The borrower places the current date, name, and telephone number on this card. The card is placed in a file box alphabetically filed.

D         The limit per member is two books or one book and one DVD or CD.

E          If not returned in one month, an overdue fine is levied as follows:

1.         For books not returned in one month the overdue fine is $1 per month per book.


2.         For CD's and DVD's not returned in one month, the overdue fee is $3.00 per item for the first month, thereafter the fine is $5.00 per month. The fines are turned over to the Treasurer.

F          Every attempt is made by our volunteers to be very careful when checking materials in and out to maintain accountability for our investment. Each member returning checked out items should help assure that their name is lined out on the check out card.

G         Keeps note of book subjects that are requested and advises the Society's librarian.

H         Assigns areas of responsibility to members of the committee.

I           Committee members shall look after and store in their home a box or boxes of materials, bringing them to each general meeting.



2.20                 WEBMASTER

Maintains the SKCGS web site.

A         Periodically updates the SCKGS Activities & Events and Genealogical Events pages.

B         Updates other pages as necessary.

C         Adds items and/or special pages to the site as requested by the Board.

D         Renews Domain name registration as needed.

E          Publishes Slate of Officers for the upcoming year no later than 30 days preceding the election at the May meeting.


Amended 2 September 2014



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