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  Alameda County, California - Great Register of 1890 Book R929.379465/ALA East Bay (CA) GS
  California Cemetery Inscription Sources: Print & Microform Book R929.509794/KOT Kot & Thomson
  The California 1890 Great Register of Voters Index  
  Volume I - A-Gh Book R929.509794/CAL/V.1 Steiner, Jane, ed.
  Volume II - Gi-Ne Book R929.509794/CAL/V.2 Steiner, Jane, ed.
  Volume III - Ni-Z Book R929.509794/CAL/V.3 Steiner, Jane, ed.
  California Gold Rush: Diary of Charles H. Harvey, 12 Feb - 12 Nov 1852 Book R910.45/HAR Ball, Edmund F.
  California Pioneer Register and Index 1542-1848 Including Inhabitants of CA, 1769-1800 & Pioneers Book R929.509794/BAN Bancroft, H.H.
  California Surname Index - Biographies from Selected Histories Book R929.3794/CLO Close, Barbara Ross
  A Century of Mormon Activities in California  
  Volume 1 - Historical Book R289.309/MUI/V.1 Muir, Leo J.
  Volume 2 - Biographical Book R289.309/MUI/V.2 Muir, Leo J.
  Early California Atlas - Southern Edition 1830-1928 Book R911.794/PRE/1988
(on V.File)
Preston, R.N.
  Graves and Sites on the Oregon and California Trails Book R917.950443/GRA Brown & Duffin
  Index for Lake County, California Marriage Books 1-6 Book R929.3794/IND Lewis, Helen McGreer
  Index of Volumes One, Two and Three of "History of the San Francisco Bay Region" by Bailey Millard Book R979.46/HAS Hasemeier;Moser;Norby
  Rose Hill Cemetery List, Contra Costa Co., CA
Black Diamond Mines Regional Park Preserve
Folder VF-"California" Gibbons, Traci
  San Francisco, CA 1890 Great Register of Voters Book R929.379461/SAN Steiner, Jane B.,ed.
  San Francisco Ship Passenger Lists - Vol.I Book R929.379461/RAS/V.1 Rasmussen, Louis
  San Francisco Ship Passenger Lists - Vol.II Book R929.379461/RAS/V.2 Rasmussen, Louis
  San Francisco Ship Passenger Lists - Vol.III Book R929.379461/RAS/V.3 Rasmussen, Louis
  A Wild Coast and Lonely - Big Sur Pioneers Book R979.476/WAL Wall, Rosalind S.
  Alberta, Formerly the Northwest Territories, Index to Registration of Births, Marriages & Deaths 1870 to 1905, Volume I Book R929.37123/ALB/V.1 Edmonton Branch of Alberta G.S.
  Back to the Land - A Genealogical Guide to Finding Farms on the Canadian Prairies, including an index to townships in the 1901 census Book R929.107207/OBE Obee, Dave
  Before the King's Daughters: The Filles À Marier, 1634-1662 Book R929.3714/GAG Gagné, Peter J.
  A Biographical History of Waterloo Twp. (Ontario) Settlers and Their Descendants Book VF-"Canada" Eby, Ezra E.
  Canadian Census Listing 1666 - 1891 (on 2 fiche) Microfiche Fiche Notebook  
  Canadian Genealogical Resources: A Guide to Materials Held in Surrey (B.C.) Centennial Library Book R929.371016/SUR/1986 Gutteridge, Paul
  Canadian Railway Records - A Guide for Genealogists Book R929.371/DOU Douglas & Douglas
  The Centennial of the Settlement of Upper Canada by the United Empire Loyalists, 1784-1884 - the celebrations at Adolphustown, Toronto & Niagara Book R929.3713/UNI Centennial Committee
  Early New Brunswick Probate Records 1785-1835 Book R929.37151/HAL Hale, R. Wallace
  Early Ontario Settlers - A Source Book Book R929.3713/CRO Crowder, Norman K.
  1848 and 1850 Canada West (Ont.) Census Index: an every-name index Book R929.3713/DIL Dilts, Bryan Lee
  Erin's Sons: Irish Arrivals in Atlantic Canada 1761-1853 Book R929.3715/PUN Punch, Terrence M.
  French and French-Canadian Family Research Book VF-"Canada" Konrad, J.
  French Canadian Sources Book R929.107207/FRE Geyh, Patricia K.
  Genealogist's Handbook for Atlantic Canada Research Book R929.1/GEN Punch, Terrence M.
  Genealogy in Ontario: Searching the Records Book R929.3713/MER/1996 Merriman, Brenda D.
  Guide to Family History Research in the Archival Repositories of the United Church of Canada Book R929.371/GUI United Church of Canada
  History of Prince Edward Island Book R971.7/CAM Campbell, Duncan
  The History of Stanstead County, Province of Quebec Book R917.467/HUB Hubbard, B.F.
  In Search of Your Canadian Roots Book R929.107207/BAX/2000 Baxter, Angus
  Index of Passengers Who Emigrated to Canada Between 1817 & 1849 Book R929.308921/ACT Acton, John A.
  Index to the 1891 District of Alberta Census Book R929.37123/DIS Condon, Eileen P.
  Indexes to Ontario Census Records - 1988 Supplement Book R929.3713/CRO Crowder, Norman K.
  King's Daughters and Founding Mothers: The Filles Book R929.3714/GAG/V.1 Gagné, Peter J.
  du Roi, 1663-1673: Volume 1 and Volume 2 Book R929.3714/GAG/V.2 Gagné, Peter J.
  Loyalists (and Land Settlement) in Nova Scotia Book R929.3716/GIL Gilroy, Marion
  The Loyalists of New Brunswick Book R971.51/WRI Wright, Esther Clark
  Loyalists to Canada: the 1783 Settlement of Quakers and Others at Passamaquoddy (New Brunswick) Book R971.533/HOL Holmes, Theodore C.
  Marriage Bonds on Ontario 1803-1834 Book R929.3713/WIL Wilson, Thomas B.
  Mountain Treasures - The History of Kimberley, B.C. Book R971.165/MOO Kimberley Book Com.
  New Brunswick Genealogy Society Bulletin - Generations Issues #43 (March 1990) - #54 (Winter 1992) Quarterly shelved in a box New Brunswick G.S.
  New England Captives Carried to Canada Between 1677 & 1760 During the French & Indian Wars  
  Volume 1 Book R974.02/COL/V.1 Coleman, Emma Lewis
  Volume 2 Book R974.02/COL/V.2 Coleman, Emma Lewis
  New Loyalist Index Book R973.314/BUN/V.1 Bunnell, Paul J.
  Niagara Excerpts from: Canada Directory for 1857-58 Book R929.371338/NIA Niagara Branch-OntGS
  Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867 Book R929.3716/SMI/1992 Smith, L.& Smith, N.
  Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867, Vol.II - from non-Nova Scotia periodicals & from published diaries and journals Book R929.3716/SMI/V.2 Smith, L.& Smith, N.
  The Old United Empire Loyalists Lists Book R929.3713/UNI Rubincam, Milton
  Ontarian Families: Genealogy of United Empire Loyalists & Other Families of Upper Canada Book R929.3713/CHA Chadwick, Edward M.
  Ontario - Lincoln Co. - 1828 Census, including Clinton, Grantham, Grimsby and Louth Townships Book R929.371338/EIG/1986 Niagara Branch-OntGS
  Ontario Marriage Notices -ca 1830-1856 Book R929.3713/WIL Wilson, Thomas B.
  Ontario People: 1796-1803 Book R929.3713/FIT Fitzgerald, E. Keith
  Ontario - Welland Co. - 1828 Census, formerly part of Lincoln Co., including Bertie, Humberstone, Pelham, Thorold, Wainfleet Twps.& Gainsborough, Lincoln Co. Book R929.371338/EIG/1986 Niagara Branch-OntGS
  Ontario - Welland Co. - Pelham Twp. - 1836-1849 Assessment Rolls Book R929.371338/EIG Niagara Branch-OntGS
  Ontario - Welland Co. - Pelham Twp. 1851 Census Book R929.371338/EIG/1989 Niagara Branch-OntGS
  Ontario - Welland Co.- Thorland Twp. 1842 Census Book R929.371338/THO Niagara Branch-OntGS
  Ontario - Welland Co.- Thorland Twp. 1851 Census Book R929.371338/EIG/1986 Niagara Branch-OntGS
  Peterborough Scrapbook: A Pictorial History of the City of Peterborough, Ontario (1825-1975) Book R971.368/PET LaBranche, Bill
  Planters and Pioneers, Nova Scotia, 1749 to 1775 Book R929.3716/WRI/1982 Wright, Esther Clark
  A Register of Deceased Persons at Sea & On Grosse Ile in 1847 Book R929.371473/CHA Charbonneau, Andre
  Repertoire des Actes de Bapteme, Mariage, Sepulture et des Recensements du Quebec Ancien  
  Volume 31 - 1750-1765 Book R929.3714/REP/V.31/FRENCH Charbonneau, Hubert
  Volume 32 - 1750-1765 Book R929.3714/REP/V.32/FRENCH Charbonneau, Hubert
  Volume 33 - 1750-1765 Book R929.3714/REP/V.33/FRENCH Charbonneau, Hubert
  Volume 34 - 1750-1765 Book R929.3714/REP/V.34/FRENCH Charbonneau, Hubert
  Volume 35 - 1750-1765 Book R929.3714/REP/V.35/FRENCH Charbonneau, Hubert
  Scots in the USA and Canada 1825-1875, Part One Book R929.308991/DOB/PT.1 Dobson, David
  Scots in the USA and Canada 1825-1875, Part Two Book R929.308991/DOB/PT.2 Dobson, David
  Scots in the USA and Canada 1825-1875, Part Three Book R929.308991/DOB/PT.3 Dobson, David
  Scots in the USA and Canada 1825-1875, Part Four Book R929.308991/DOB/PT.4 Dobson, David
  Scots in the USA and Canada 1825-1875, Part Five Book R929.308991/DOB/PT.5 Dobson, David
  Smith's Canadian Gazetteer: Canada West(Ontario)1846 Book R917.13003/SMI Smith, William Henry
  Tracing Your Saskatchewan Ancestors - A Guide to the Records and How to Use Them Book R929.107207/TRA Hanowski, Laura M.
  West Kootenay - Ghost Town Country Book R971.162/BAR Barlee, N.L."Bill"
  Your Ancient Canadian Family Ties Book R929.30891/OLI Olivier, Reginald L.
  American Genealogical Lending Library Microfiche Fiche Notebook AGLL
  - March 1993 Catalog on 9 fiche  
  - 1994 update on 10 fiche  
  - 1995 update on fiche 1-6 & 10  
  Cox Library: County, State and Local Histories Book R973.016/AME Cox, Gordon L.
  Cemetery Relocations by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Illinois-Iowa-Missouri-Arkansas Book R929.377/STL St. Louis GS
  If the Stones Could Speak - A Guide to the Shapes and Symbols in Your Local Cemetery Book R929.5/REI Reisman & Johnson
  Last Post (about National Cemetery System) Book R917.30025/1990 Weland, Gerald
  United States Cemetery Address Book Book R929.50973/KOT Kot, Elizabeth G.
  1790-1890 Federal Population Censuses: Catalog of Microfilm Census Schedules in the National Archives of the United States Book R929.373/UNI/1993 Nat.Arch.Trust Fund
  1900 Federal Population Census: A Catalog of Microfilm Census Schedules … Archives Book R929.373/NIN Nat.Arch.Trust Fund
  1910 Federal Population Census: A Catalog of Microfilm Census Schedules … Archives Book R929.373/NIN Nat.Arch.Trust Fund
  1920 Federal Population Census: A Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Book R929.373/NIN Nat.Arch.Trust Fund
  1930 Federal Population Census: A Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Book R929.373/UNI Nat.Arch.Trust Fund
  The American Census Handbook Book R929.107207/KEM Kemp, Thomas Jay
  The Census Book - A Genealogist's Guide to Federal Census Facts, Schedules & Indexes Book R929.107207/DOL Dollarhide, William
  A Century of Population Growth - From the First Census of the U.S. to the Twelfth 1790-1900 Book R929.373/UNI Gen.Publishing Co.
  Federal Population & Mortality Census Schedules (1790-1890) in the National Archives & the States Book R312.0973/FRA Nat.Arch.Recrd.Serv.
  Map Guide to the U.S. Federal Censuses 1790-1920 Book R929.373/THO Thorndale/Dollarhide
  Researcher's Guide to United States Census Availability 1790-1910 Book R929.373/HAM Hamilton, Ann B.
  The Soundex Reference Guide Book R929.3/SOU Steuart, Bradley W.
  State Census Records Book R929.3/LAI/1992 Lainhart, Ann S.
  State Censuses: An Annotated Bibliography of Censuses taken after the year 1790 by States & Terr.of the US Book VF-"U.S.-Census 1790" Dubester, Henry J.
  Surnames Listed in the 1790 United States Census Book R929.42/SUR Heritage Quest
  Basic Guide to Chinese Genealogy Book R929.08995/BOE Boey, Danny
  China Connection Book R929.108995/LOW/1996 Lowe, J.W.
  In Search of Your Asian Roots - Genealogical Research on Chinese Surnames Book R929.420951/CHA Chao, Sheau-Yueh J.
CHURCHES (see also Quaker, Shaker)
  Methodism in the Northwest Book R287.14/HOW Howell, Erle
  Survey of American Church Records Vol. I - major denominations before 1880 Book R929.373/KIR/V.1 Kirkham, E. Kay
  Survey of American Church Records - IV edition Including V.I & II Book R929.373/KIR/1978 Kirkham, E. Kay
  U.S. Catholic Ancestors - A Diocesan Research Guide Book R929.373/HUM Humling, Virginia
  U.S. Catholic Sources - A Diocesan Research Guide Book R026.28273/HUM Humling, Virginia
CIVIL WAR (also see IL, IN, IA, KS, NE)
  Adventures of an Escaped Union Soldier from Andersonville Prison in 1864 Booklet VF-"U.S.-Civil War 1862-1865-Biography" Howe, Thomas H.
  Atlas, Official Military Atlas of the Civil War Book R911.73/UNI (located in general reference) Cowles, Calvin D.
  Civil War Diaries & Personal Narratives, 1960-1994 Book R973.78016/LIB Library of Congress
  Civil War Draft Records - an Index to the 38th Congressional Districts of 1863 Book R973.741/MOR/1997 Morebeck, Nancy J.
  Civil War Genealogy Book R929.3/SCH Schweitzer, George K.
  The Confederacy: A Guide to the Archives of the Government of the Confederate States of America Book R973.713016/BEE Beers, Henry Putney
  Confederate Cemeteries - Volume I (Virginia) Book R973.76025/HUG Hughes, Mark
  Generals in Blue; Lives of the Union Commanders Book R973.741/WAR Warner, Ezra J.
  Generals in Gray; Lives of the Confederate Commanders Book R973.742/WAR Warner, Ezra J.
  Guide to Federal Archives Relating to the Civil War Book R973.7016/MUN Munden & Beers
  Guide to the Archives of the Government of the Confederate States of America Book R973.713016/BEE Beers, Henry
  Stories of Civil War Veterans Book R973.70922/DAU Dau.of Union Veterans
  The Union Preserved - A Guide to Civil War Records in the New York State Archives Book R973.7/UNI Holzer, Harold, ed.
COLORADO, State of
  Colorado DAR Member and Ancestor Index and Supplement - Oct. 13, 1979 to Oct. 10, 1984 Book R929.3788/COL CO State Soc.-NSDAR
  Directory of Boulder, Colorado for 1883 Book VF-"Colorado" Gladden, Sanford C.
  From the Grave - A Roadside Guide to Colorado's Pioneer Cemeteries Book R929.509788/WOM Wommack, Linda
  Hotels of Boulder, Colorado from 1860, w/map Book R978.863/GLA Gladden, Sanford C.
  The Ancient Historical Records of Norwalk, Connecticut:
with a plan of the ancient settlement & town in 1847
Book R929.3746/HAL Hall, Edwin
  Apprentices of Connecticut 1637-1900 Book R929.3746/RIT Ritter, Kathy A.
  The Barbour Collection of CT Town Vital Records  
  Vol.1: Andover; Ashford; Avon Book R929.37464/WHI/V.1 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.2: Barkhamsted; Berlin; Bethany; Bethlehem; Bloomfield; Bozrah Book R929.37464/WHI/V.2 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.3: Branford; Bridgeport Book R929.37464/WHI/V.3 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.4: Bristol; Brooklyn; Burlington Book R929.37464/WHI/V.4 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.5: Canaan; Canterbury Book R929.37464/WHI/V.5 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.6: Canton; Chaplin; Chatham; Cheshire; Chester; Clinton; Diary of Aaron G. Hurd Book R929.37464/WHI/V.6 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.7: Colchester; Colebrook; Columbia; Cornwall Book R929.37464/WHI/V.7 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.8: Danbury; Darien; Derby Book R929.37464/WHI/V.8 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.9: Durham; Eastford; East Haddam Book R929.37464/WHI/V.9 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.10: East Hartford; East Haven; East Lyme Book R929.37464/WHI/V.10 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.11: East Windsor; Ellington Part I-Vital Records; Ellington Part II-Marriage Records Book R929.37464/WHI/V.11 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.12: Fairfield; Farmington Book R929.37464/WHI/V.12 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.13: Franklin; Glastonbury Book R929.37464/WHI/V.13 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.14: Goshen; Granby; Greenwich Book R929.37464/WHI/V.14 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.15: Griswold; Groton; Book R929.37464/WHI/V.15 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.16: Guilford Book R929.37464/WHI/V.16 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.17: Haddam; Hamden; Hampton Book R929.37464/WHI/V.17 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.18: Hartland; Harwinton; Habron Book R929.37464/WHI/V.18 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.19: Hartford Book R929.37464/WHI/V.19 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.20: Huntington; Kent; Killngly Book R929.37464/WHI/V.20 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.21: Hillingworth; Ledyard; Lisbon Book R929.37464/WHI/V.21 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.22: Lebanon, Vol.1 & 2; Lebanon, Vol.3 Book R929.37464/WHI/V.22 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.23: Litchfield Book R929.37464/WHI/V.23 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.24: Lyme Book R929.37464/WHI/V.24 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.25: Madison; Manchester; Marlborough; Meriden; Middlebury; Monroe; Montville; Naugatuck Book R929.37464/WHI/V.25 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.26: Middletown (Part I, A-J) Book R929.37464/WHI/V.26 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.27: Middletown (Part II, K-Z) Book R929.37464/WHI/V.27 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.28: Milford; New Canaan; New Hartford Book R929.37464/WHI/V.28 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.29: New London Book R929.37464/WHI/V.29 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.30: New Milford; Norfolk, North Stonington Book R929.37464/WHI/V.30 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.31: Newtown; North Branford; North Haven Book R929.37464/WHI/V.31 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.32: Norwalk; Norwich Book R929.37464/WHI/V.32 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.33: Orange; Oxford; Plainfield Book R929.37464/WHI/V.33 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.34: Plymouth; Pomfret Book R929.37464/WHI/V.34 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.35: Preston, Parts I & II Book R929.37464/WHI/V.35 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.36: Portland; Prospect; Redding; Ridgefield Book R929.37464/WHI/V.36 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.37: Rocky Hill; Roxbury; Salem; Salisbury Book R929.37464/WHI/V.37 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.38: Saybrook; Sharon Book R929.37464/WHI/V.38 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.39: Sherman; Simsbury Book R929.37464/WHI/V.39 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.40: Somers; Southbury; Southington; So.Windsor Book R929.37464/WHI/V.40 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.41: Sterling; Stratford Book R929.37464/WHI/V.41 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.42: Stamford Book R929.37464/WHI/V.42 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.43: Stonington Book R929.37464/WHI/V.43 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.44: Stafford; Tolland Book R929.37464/WHI/V.44 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.45: Suffield Book R929.37464/WHI/V.45 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.46: Thompson Book R929.37464/WHI/V.46 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.47: Torrington; Union; Voluntown Book R929.37464/WHI/V,47 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.48: Wallingford Book R929.37464/WHI/V.48 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.49: Warren; Washington; Waterford; Watertown; Westbrook Book R929.37464/WHI/V.49 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.50: Waterbury Book R929.37464/WHI/V.50 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.51: Weston; Westport; Willington Book R929.37464/WHI/V.51 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.52: Wethersfield Book R929.37464/WHI/V.52 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.53: Wilton; Winchester; Wolcott; Woodbridge; Woodbury; Woodstock Book R929.37464/WHI/V.53 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.54: Windham Book R929.37464/WHI/V,54 White, Lorraine Cook
  Vol.55: Windsor Book R929.37464/WHI/V.55 White, Lorraine Cook
  Burying Grounds of Sharon, CT, Amenia and North East, NY Book R929.509746/VAN Van Alystyne, L.
  Early Connecticut Marriages Book R929.3746/EAR Bailey, Frederic W.
  The Early History of Tolland Book R974.643/WAL Waldo, Loren P.
  Gazetteer of the States of Connecticut & Rhode Island Book R974.6/PEA Pease & Niles
  Hartford, CT Land Records: 1639-1688 and Births, Marriages and Deaths: 1644-1730  
  Volume 1 Book R974.6/ORI/V.1 Bates, Albert C.
  Volume 2 Book R974.6/ORI/V.2 Bates, Albert C.
  History of the Colony of New Haven to its Absorption into Connecticut  
  Volume 1 Book R974.6/ATW/V.1 Atwater, Edward E.
  Volume 2 Book R974.6/ATW/V.2 Atwater, Edward E.
  Naugatuck, Connecticut Congregational Church Records 1781-1901 Book R929.37467/ULL Ullman, Helen S.
  Old Chimney Stacks of East Haddam, Middlesex Co, CT Book R974.6/NIL Niles, Hosford B.
  The River Towns of Connecticut: A Study of Wethersfield, Hartford, and Windsor Book R974.6/AND Andrews, Charles M.
  Vital Records of Lyme, CT to the End of Year 1850 Book R929.37465/VIT Hall & Plimpton
  What to Say in Your Genealogical Letters Booklet VF-"Genealogy" Gobble, J.R.
  Guide to Cuban Genealogical Research - Records and Sources Book R929.3729/CAR Carr, Peter E.
  History of Czechs in America Book R973.049186/HAB Habenicht, Jan

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