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  Colorado DAR Member and Ancestor Index and Supplement - Oct. 13, 1979 to Oct. 10, 1984 Book R929.3788/COL CO State Soc.- NSDAR
  DAR Library Catalog, Vol. 1 (1982) Family Histories and Genealogies Book R929.2016/DAU/V.1 NSDAR
  DAR Library Catalog, Vol. 2 (1986) State and Local Histories and Records Book R929.2016/DAU/V.2 Grundset, Eric G.
  DAR Patriot Index - Centennial Edition - 1994  
  Part I - A-F Book R929.3/DAU/1994/V.1 NSDAR
  Part II - G-O Book R929.3/DAU/1994/V.2 NSDAR
  Part III - P-Z Book R929.3/DAU/1994/V.3 NSDAR
  DAR Patriot Index - Millennium Edition - 2003  
  Part I - A-F Book R929.3/DAU NSDAR
  Part II - G-O Book R929.3/DAU NSDAR
  Part III - P-Z Book R929.3/DAU NSDAR
  DAR Patriot Index, Vol. III An Index to the Spouses of the DAR Patriots Book R929.3/DAU/V.3 NSDAR
  Genealogical Records-Vol.IV Family & Court Records (Mary Little Deere Chapter - Illinois) Book R929.3773/DAU/V.4 Mary Deere Chptr.DAR
  Is That Lineage Right? Book R929.10973/IS Nat. Soc. - DAR
  Is That Service Right? Book R929.373/IS Nat. Soc. - DAR
  Pierce's Register Book R929.373/UNI 17th Report of NSDAR
  Roster of Texas Daughters' Revolutionary Ancestors  
  Volume I - A - C Book R929.3764/DAU/V.1 Texas Soc. DAR
  Volume II - D - H Book R929.3764/DAU/V.2 Texas Soc. DAR
  Volume III - I - Q Book R929.3764/DAU/V.3 Texas Soc. DAR
  Volume IV - R - Z Book R929.3764/DAU/V.4 Texas Soc. DAR
DELAWARE, State of
  Delaware Bible Records - Vol. 1 Book R929.3751/DEL/V.1 Virdin, Donald O.
  Delaware Bible Records - Vol. 2 Book R929.3751/DEL/V.2 Virdin, Donald O.
  Delaware Bible Records - Vol. 3 Book R929.3751/DEL/V.3 Virdin, Donald O.
  Delaware Bible Records - Vol. 5 Book R929.3751/DEL/V.5 Virdin and Hall
  Delaware Bible Records - Vol. 6 Book R929.3751/HAL/V.6 Hall, LuVerne V.
  Directory of Churches and Religious Organizations in Delaware (#6019975) Microfiche Fiche Notebook
(on file cabinet)
(3 fiche)
LDS Church
  A Gazetteer of Maryland and Delaware Book R917.52003/GAN Gannett, Henry
  List of Officers of the Colonies on the Delaware and the Province of Pennsylvania 1614-1776 Book R929.3751/LIN Linn & Egle
  Reconstructed 1790 Census of Delaware Book R929.3751/DEV DeValinger, Leon Jr.
  Some Records of Sussex County, Delaware Book R929.37517/TUR Turner, C.H.B.
  The Swedish Settlements on the Delaware: Their History & Relation to the Indians, Dutch & English 1638-1664 Book R929.3751/JOH/V.1 Johnson, Amandus
  Volume 2 Book R929.3751/JOH/V.2 Johnson, Amandus
  Genealogical Guidebook and Atlas of Denmark Book VF-"Denmark" Smith & Thomsen

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