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  Along Our Pathway 1883-1976 (MOORE - BALL) Book R929.20973/MOO Moore, Olive Ball
  Thomas Moody ALVORD - Pioneer, Merchant, Trader, Boatman, Farmer of Pialschie, Washington Territory (missing 8/06) Book R979.777/OWE/1984 Owens, John
  Peter BAKER of New York 1767-1822 & His Descendants  
  Vol.1 - Peter Baker Book R929.20973/BAK/V.1 Baker, Emerson R.
  Vol.2 - Nathan Baker Book R929.20973/BAK/V.2 Baker, Emerson R.
  BALLARD Family History Book R929.20973/BAL Am.Gen.Research Inst.
  Joseph BARRON and His Descendants Book R929.20973/BAR Barron, Jack L.
  Before Germana -No.11 Oct.1990 Ancestry of families: CHRISTLER, BAUMGARTNER, DEER, DEITER & LOTSPEICH Book R929.30973/CER Cerny & Zimmerman
  The BERRY Family Book R929.20973/AME Gen. Research Inst.
  BOZARTH: An indexed compendium of Bozarth Beacons from Vol. 1 (1985) to Vol. 10 w/family group sheets from Jean Bossard and on Book 929.3/REI Reichel, Nancy Ann
  The Genealogical Study of James BRITTAIN of Buncombe County, North Carolina Book R929.2/CAW Cawyer, Shirley Brittain
  A Brief History & Gen. of Descendants of Adam BYRD Booklet VF-"Family-Byrd,Adam" Athow, Leland J.
  Our CADLE Roots and Possibly Yours Book R929.2/CAD Cadle, Jacqueline W.
  CAMERON, A Family Hierarchy in Canada & U.S.A., '1619-1971, and Allied KINZE & WARTH Families Book R929.2/CAM Cameron, C.E.
  CHAPMAN Chatter Vol.12(May 1986)- Vol.14(Nov 1986) Newsletter VF-"Chapman" Alford, Mary & Gil
  CHAPMAN Directory - 1984 Book R929.2/CHA/1984 Alford, Mary & Gil
  CHAPMAN Directory - 1985 Book R929.2/CHA/1985 Alford, Mary & Gil
  Our CHAPMAN Family: Edward and Mary (Symonds) Chapman, Some of Their Descendants to Present Day 1992 Book R929.20973/STU Stultz, Carolyne
  The Edward CLARK Genealogy 1676-1988 - Edward (1655?-1737) of Middlesex and Essex Co, VA & his descendants, including the BRISTOW, STIFF, ROUDEBUSH, McFARLAND, HOLLEMAN & other families Book R929.20973/SMI Smith, Walter Burges
  Henry & Ann COLLINS of Lynn, MA & Their Descendants Book R929.209744/REI Reichel, Robt & Nancy
  COSTELLO Booklet VF-"Family-Costello" Costello, John F.
  Families of DALLAS, LOURENS, ROGERS and Some of Their Relatives, Volume 1 Book R929.20973/DAL/V.1 Dallas and Lourens
  Volume 2 Book R929.20973/DAL/V.2 Dallas and Lourens
  Volume 3 Book R929.20973/DAL/V.3 Dallas and Lourens
  Volume 4 Book R929.20973/DAL/V.4 Dallas and Lourens
  - Index Book R929.20973/DAL/V.5 Dallas and Lourens
  Newsletter DALLAS, LOURENS & ROGERS Families 1980-90 Newsletter Shelved w/boxed newsletters Dallas, Zella Rogers
  DAVIS Directory of Pennsylvania (and Delaware) Book R929.20973/SMI Smith, Dorothy Davis
  Walter Goodwin DAVIS: A Scholar's Unique Contribution to New England Genealogy Book R929.107209/SMI Smith, Danny D.
  A DILL Family History Book R929.20973/DIL Dill, John Lewis
  Directory of Family Associations Book R929.1025/BEN/1991 Bentley, Elizabeth P.
  DURST and DARST Families of America Book R929.20973/GLA Gladden, Sanford C.
  EARP Family Genealogy Book R929.20973/EDW Edwards, Jean Whitten
  The EDWARDS of Northampton (North Carolina) Book R929.20973/EDW Edwards, Bruce M.
  The Roots and Genealogy of Israel B. ELLSWORTH and Mary Ann GAGE Book R929.20973/WAR Ward, Donna E.
  The Family of Sybil SPRAGUE & David Madison ENNEY Book VF="Family Enney/Sprague Stoddard, Barbara
  Family Records Book R929.341/BUR/1965 Burke, Ashworth Peter
  Family Registry (1987: 97 fiche (missing 34 & 35)) Microfiche Fiche Notebook LDS church
  The FORKNER Clan-Vol.II (FORTNER, FAULKNER, FALKNER) Book R929.20973/PAU/V.2 Paulas, Mona Forkner
  History of the FOSDICK/FOSDYCK Family Book R929.209744/HIS Fosdyck, James C.
  The Genealogy of the Matthias FRANTZ Family of Berks County, PA Book R929.20973/FRA Frantz, E.H.,
  Charles FREY (1826-1909) Book VF-"Family-Frey,Charles" Gladden, Sanford C.
  FULLER, Memoirs of Mrs. Andrew B. Book R929.20979/FUL Fuller, Alice Marie
  John and Amy GATEWOOD and Their Descendants 1666-1986 Book R929.20973/GOT Gothberg, Carol J.
  GETTY of Ireland 1631-ca.1865 Abstracts and Notes Book R929.209415/GET Gettys, Robert C.
  GETTYS Family in America - Sketches of History Local, Genealogical & Biographical Book R929.20973/GET Gettys, Robert C.
  GRIER of San Francisco - Builder of the West and His Family 1878-1988 Book R338.762409/GRI Grier, William M, Jr.
  The GRIERS-Pioneers in America and Canada 1816-1991 Book R929.20973/GRI Grier, William M, Jr.
  About Face: The Odyssey of an American Warrior - Col.David H.HACKWORTH (U.S. Army, Ret) & Julie Sherman Book B/HACKWORTH  
  HARMON/HARMAN Record Book R929.2/MCG McGary, Grace Harmon
  Adelle Bartlett HARPER's Family Lines - A Loving Tribute to our Southern Heritage Book R929.20973/HAR Harper, Adelle B.
  Early German HAWK Families of Westmoreland Co, PA Book R929.209748/SLA Slaker, Kenneth Hawk
  Genealogy of Conrad & Elizabeth (Borger) HAWK, 1744-1990 Book R929.20973/SHU Shupp, Atwood James
  Descendants of Stephen C. HAWKINS of Campbell Co., KY w/reference to the Allied families of BARTON, CLEPHANE, ECKERT, MARSHALL, and THOMASSON Book R929.209769/GLA Gladden, Sanford C.
  Caleb HEATHCOTE - Gentleman Colonist, Lord of the Manor of Scarsdale - The story of a career in the Province of New York, 1692-1721 Book R974.7/FOX Fox, Dixon Ryan
  HILEMAN/HEILEMANN Family Ancestry Book VF-"Family-Hileman/Heilemann" Hileman, James
  HOFFELBAUER Genealogy 1585-1993, The American Families Hefelbower, Heffelbower, Heflebower, Hefflebower, Heflybower, Hefflibower, Heflibauer & Heffelbauer, Together with Their German & Austrian Ancestry Book R929.20973/ROH Rohrbach, Lewis B.
  HOLCOMBE-DOANE-HENKE Family History 1812-1983 Vol.I Book R929.20973/HEN Henke, Mary Alice
  HOLWAY-RICH Heritage - A History and Genealogy of two Cape Cod Families Book R929.20973/HOL Holway, Richard T.
  HOLWAY-RICH Heritage - Supplement and Index Book R929.20973/HOL Holway, Richard T.
  Descendants of Barnabas HORTON of Southold (NY) Book R929.20973/MCL McLaurin, Banks Jr.
  Descendants of David HORTON of North Carolina Book R929.20973/EVA Evans, Reta M.
  The HOWELLS of New Jersey, Virginia and Points West Book R929.20973/WAL Wallace, Cameron
  HUIRAS Family: Theresia's Story(in Bavaria & America) Book R929.20973/LEN Lenzen, Connie
  Grandmother's Letters (Margaret V.Mackintosh HUNT) Book R816.54/HUN Hunt, Marg.Mackintosh
  JOHNSON/SCRUGGS Family Book R929.20973/WAL Walters, Judith A.
  The Life and Letters of James JOHNSON of Kentucky Book VF-"Family-Johnson,James" Padgett, James A.
  A Noble Son: Spencer W. KIMBALL Book R929.20973/INS Madsen, Truman G.
  The KLEIN Family - from Holland who settled in Marion Co., IA in 1847 and their Descendants Book R929.209777/SNE/V.1 Snell, John
  The KLEIN Family - Part 2: The Klyn Family from Holland Who Settled in Marion County, Iowa in 1856 and Their Descendants Book R929.209777/SNE/V.2 Snell, John & Winona
  The LAUFFER History - A Genealogical Chart of the Descendants of Christian Lauffer, w/bio. sketches Book R929.20973/LAU Lauffer, Joseph A.
  The Descendants of John and Roda LEWIS of Tazewell County, Virginia Book R929.209755/DES Lewis, George R.
  LUTTRELL, A Genealogy & Biography of the Family of Book R929.20973/LUT Luttrell, Elston
  MASSIE, The Family of John, 1743-c1830: Revolutionary Patriot of Louisa County, VA Book R929.209755/KEL Kelsey & Kelsey
  Memoir and Genealogy of the MD & PA Family of MAYER Which Originated in Ulm, Wurtemberg 1495-1878 Book R929.20973/BRA Mayer, Brantz
  McCROSKEY, Virgil T.: Giver of Mountains Booklet VF-"Family-McCroskey,Virgil" Reed & Peterson
  History of the McDONALD, THOMASSON, BIGGERS, GRIMES and Related Families Book R929.20973/JET Jeter, Margaret M.
  McGAUGHEY, Descendants of Wm. & Margaret 1740-1984 Settled in York, PA 1740 Book R929.20973/SUT Sutton, Polly R.
  James MELVILLE of Barrhead, Scotland & His Descendants, A Genealogy Book R929.20973/MEL Melville, Malcolm L.
  MUNRO Family - Descendants of Alexander Bisset Munro of Bristol, Maine Book R929.20973/MUN Munro, Ronald G.
  MULLER - SCHMIDT Family History Book R929.20973/SCH Schiefelbein,D.JoAnn
  My Version - This is the Way it Was Book B/CARLSON Carlson, Velma M.
  OSTRANDER Family Vital Records Book R929/DAH Dahl & Ostrander
  OWINGS and Allied Families: A Genealogy of Some of the Descendants of Richard Owings of MD 1685-1975 Book R929.209752/OWI Owings, Addison D.
  The NAKANISHI's of Hiroshima in America, A Brief History from 1890 Book R929.2/GOT Goto, Dee
  The (Edward) PARRISH Family Book R929.20973/BOY Boyd, Scott Lee
  The PAR(R)ISH Family Encyclopedia Book R929.2/PAR Parrish, Rev.Brent L.
  PERKINS - KAMMERER and Allied Families Book R929.20973/HAL Hall, Ruth;L.O'Brien
  PIERSON Millenium Book R929.2/PIE Pierson, Richard & Jennifer
  POWELL, John Wesley  
  J.W.Powell - Soldier, Explorer, Scientist Book VF-"Family-Powell,John W." U.S. Interior Dept.
  J.W.Powell's Exploration of the Colorado River Book VF-"Family-Powell,John W." U.S. Interior Dept.
  Remarks of My Life pr me Hezekiah PRINCE 1786-1792 Book R974.153/PRI Prince, Hezekiah Sr.
  RAUENZAHNER to ROUTSON: A Family on the Move Book R929.20973/DER Dern, J. & M.Waidner
  Recollections by "The Old Man of the Mountain" Book RB/SCEVA Sceva, Paul H.
  REDING, Thomas R., Story of an Indiana Stonecarver Book R977.2/NOL Nolan & Buckley
  The Children of Elijah, Elijah RICE and Bahama BAKER Book R929.20973/BAR Barrett, Mary Lou
  Joseph ROARK - His Life and Times Book R/B/ROARK Roark, John J.
  "Roots" Cellar - Volume 1, Submitter List - 3 fiche; Ancestor List - 15 fiche Microfiche Fiche Notebook Everton Publishers
  The SAKRISON Family, A History of Book R929.20973/THO Thompson, Richard C.
  SEWARD and Related Families Book R929.20973/SEW Seward, George C.
  Diary of Cyrus SHEPARD - Mar.4,1834-Dec.20,1835 Book R/B/SHEPARD Gilman, Gerry
  SHRIVER Family, A History of the Book VF-"Family-Shriver" Shriver, Harry C.
  SIEG Family in America (Casebolt, Satori, Rish, Sieg) Book R929.2/SIE/V.1 Sieg, John Conner
  SIEG Family in North America 1720-1986 - Book #2 Book R929.2/SIE Sieg-Burt, Modell
  The Casket & Coffin Books of Ellwood S. SKELTON 1880-1890 and Isaac W. SENFT 1884-1888 Book R929.374841/GRO Gross & Lloyd
  History of a Missouri Farm Family: The O.V. SLAUGHTERS 1700-1944 Book R929.20973/SLA Slaughter, S.
  Lieutenant William A. SLAUGHTER, Frontier Soldier Book R979.777/KOC Koch, Joe
  Irish-Palatine SMELTZERS Around the World Plus Early German Smelsers in Canada Book R929.20973/SME Smeltzer, Marjorie
  The SMELTZERS of Kilcooly & Their Irish-Palatine Kissing Cousins Book R929.20973/SME Smeltzer, Marjorie
  Journal Kept by John H. STEELE on a Journey From Peterborough, NH to Salisbury, NC -Nov/Dec.1838 Book R917.3/STE Lindenbush, J., ed.
  The STERRY Family of America 1670-1970 (the CT clan descended from Roger, of Stonington by 1670 and the ME clan descended from Samuel, of Ipswich, MA by 1753, w/other Sterrys & in England back to 1190) Book R929.20973/SMI Smith, Walter Burgess
  Pioneer History & Genealogical Record of Rev. William M. STEWART and Descendants (old & 1974 ed.) Books VF-"Family-Stewart,William" Bow, Margaret
  The STEWARTS: Adam to Adam Book R929.20973/STE Stewart, Scott John
  Descendants of Samuel STURTEVANT Book R929.20973/STU Sturtevant, Robt. H.
  The Composite Diary of Mary Matilda Park SURFUS: 1883 Trek from Kansas to Oregon Book R978.02/SUR Price, Peggy E.
  Tangled Roots - GREENLEE, HALL, SAYER & SOWDER Newsletter VF-"Family-Tangled Roots" Freer, Sharon G.
  They Turned Their Faces West Johnson, Foley, Clark, McDonald, Maehl, Carr & Moody Families Book R929.20978/THE Slauson, Morda
  The THOMAS Book - Giving the Genealogies of Sir Rhysap Thomas, K.G., the Thomas Family Descended from Him and of Some Allied Families, Volume 1 Book R929.2/THO/V.1 Thomas, Lawrence B.
  Volume 2 Book R929.2/THO.V.2 Thomas, Lawrence B.
  TSUKAMAKIS of Ontario: Hiroshima, Japan to Ontario, Oregon: Stories of Immigration to Integration Book R929.2/GOT Goto, Sam & Dee
  Up and Down Our Family Tree (Betts, Clark, Deurcant, Fordham, Gardiner, Hallock, Howell, Horton, Jenner, King, Line, Parshall, Purrier, Reeve, Satterly, Swezey, Terry, Bolton, Chesebrough, Cowan, Davis, Fellows, Green, Hall, Hooper, Johnson, Man, Petty, Shed, Stevens, Weaver, Willard, Allen, Ashworth, Cannon, Elston, Buchanan, Edmiston, Gibson, Hays, Joyce, Keys, Steele, Moore, Cunningham, Gallahue, Gorman, McCann, Walsh, Croll, Beckner, Burket, Danner, Lease, Bodenhamer, Goss, Hemesaat, Knisely, Marie/Marien, Miller, Rickard, Stultz, Teeter) Book R929.20973/MOO Moore, Phillip J.
  Genealogy of the Descendants of John WALKER of Wigton, Scotland with records of a few allied families 1600-1902 Book R929.2/WHI White, Emma Siggins
  WATERMAN/CHURCH Ancestors Book R929.20973/WAT Waterman, Helen M.
  WENGER Genealogy, Vol.1, No.1 - 1971 Book R929.20973/WEN/V.1 Wenger, Earle K.Sr.
  Wertz, Wirt, Wuertz, etc. Families of PA 1400s-1990 Book R929.209748/CHO Choppin, Carolyn Cell
  John WHITCOMB Family in Indiana 1830-1978 Book R929.209772/BAI Baird, Margaret W.
  The WILLITS Family Book R929.209747/BAR Bartlett, Ted L.
  One WISE Man, A Genealogy of Frederick WISE and His Descendants, 2002 Book R929.2/ONE Eaker, Lorena Shell
  WRIGHT'S - 400 Years Plus Book R929.20973/WRI Wright, Larry C.
  Yesterday: The HAMPTON, McCRACKEN, LONGWITH, MABRY and WELLS Families Book R929.20973/MEL Mellen, Diana L.
  Alaska Finns from the Russian Period (Sitka Lutherans) Booklet shelved w/bulletins Finnish-Am.HS of the West
  The Boarding House Finns (in the Pacific Northwest) Booklet shelved w/bulletins Finnish-Am.HS of the West
  Coal Mining Finns of Washington State Booklet shelved w/bulletins Finnish-Am.HS of the West
  East Aberdeen Finns, Grays Harbor Co., WA Booklet shelved w/bulletins Finnish-Am.HS of the West
  Finnish-American Historical Society of the West - Master Index of Special Publications - Volumes 5:5 thru 20:1 Booklet shelved w/bulletins Finnish-Am.HS of the West
  Finnish Immigrants in America, 1880-1920 Book R325.24897/HOG Hoglund, A. William
  Finnish Lutherans in the Melting Pot Booklet shelved w/bulletins Finnish-Am.HS of the West
  Finnish Settlers of Long Valley, Idaho Booklet shelved w/bulletins Finnish-Am.HS of the West
  Finns of Hoquiam and Aberdeen, Grays Harbor Co, WA Booklet shelved w/bulletins Finnish-Am.HS of the West
  Ilwaco's Early Finns - Pacific County, WA Booklet shelved w/bulletins Finnish-Am.HS of the West
  Juneau-Douglas Finns of Southeast Alaska Booklet shelved w/bulletins Finnish-Am.HS of the West
  The Lewis River Finns Booklet shelved w/bulletins Finnish-Am.HS of the West
  Lincoln Creek Finns of Lewis County, Washington Booklet shelved w/bulletins Finnish-Am.HS of the West
  Naselle - A Finnish-American Village, Pacific Co, WA Booklet shelved w/bulletins Finnish-Am.HS of the West
  Red Lodge Finns - Carbon County, Montana Booklet shelved w/bulletins Finnish-Am.HS of the West
FLORIDA, State of
  Dade Co., FL Marriage Records Book I: 1840-Feb.1905 Book R929.3759/DAD/V.1 McFadden, Ann J.
  Dade Co., FL Naturalization Records 1848 thru 1913 Book R929.375938/MCF McFadden, Ann J.
  Duval County Florida Marriages 1823-1867 Book R929.375912/SHA Shaw, Aurora C.
  A History of Columbia County, Florida Book R975.983/KEU Keuchel, Edward F.
  Naturalization Records 1848 thru 1913 Dade Co,Florida Book R929.375938/MCF McFadden, Ann J.
  Pioneers of Florida's First Coast Book R929.3759/PIO Southern Gen.Exchange
  Alsace Emigration Book - Vol. I Book R929.373/SCH/V.1 SchraderMuggenthaler
  Alsace Emigration Book - Vol. II Book R929.373/SCH/V.2 ShrraderMuggenthaler
  French and French-Canadian Family Research Book VF-"Canada" Konrad, J.
  Genealogical Gazetteer of Alsace-Lorraine Book VF-"France" Thode, Ernest
  Huguenot Emigration to America Book R973.0882 BAI Baird, Charles W.
  Huguenot Genealogical Research Book VF-"France" Franklin, Charles M.
  The Origins of Some Anglo-Norman Families Book R929.341/LOY Loyd, Lewis C.

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