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  Abbreviations & Acronyms: A guide for family historians Book R929.102/SPE/2003 Sperry, Kip
  American Nicknames Book R929.403/SHA/1955 Shankle, George E.
  American Surnames Book R929.4/SMI/1969 Smith, Elsdon C.
  "Ancestry" Magazine Newsletter shelved in a box Ancestry, Inc.
  Ancestry's Guide to Research - Case Studies in American Genealogy Book R929.1/CER Cerny & Eakle
  The Best Genealogical Sources in Print: Volume One Book R929.373/ROB/V.1 Roberts, Gary Boyd
  Bible Records - Seattle Genealogical Society Book R929.3/SEA Seattle Gen. Society
  Bringing Your Family History to Life through Social History Book R929.107207/STU Sturdevant, Katherine
  Celebrating the Family: the Guide to Understanding Your Family History Book R929.1028/CEL
  Cite Your Sources Book R929.1/LAC Lackey, Richard S.
  Compendium of Historical Sources Book R929.1/BRE/1997 Bremer, Ronald A.
  Complete Idiot's Guide to Genealogy Book R929.1072/ROS Rose & Ingalls
  The Conceptual Approach to Genealogy - Essential Methodology for Organizing & Compiling Genealogical Records Book R929.1/CHA Chamberlin, David C.
  County Courthouse Book Book R929.373/BEN Bentley, Elizabeth
  Cyndi's List - 2nd Edition, Volume 1 Book R929.10285/HOW/2001/V.1 Howells, Cyndi
  Cyndi's List - 2nd Edition, Volume 2 Book R929.10285/HOW/2001/V.2 Howells, Cyndi
  Directory of Family Associations, Directory of Genealogical & Historical Societies, Libraries and Periodicals in the US and Canada Book R929.1025/BEN/1991 Bentley, Elizabeth Petty
  Volume I: Alabama - New York Book R026.0025/DIR/2006/V.1 Carson, Dina C.
  Volume 2: North Carolina - Wisconsin; Canada; Index Book R026.0025/DIR/2006/V.2 Carson, Dina C.
  Encyclopedia of American Family Names Book R929.40973/ROB/1995 Robb, H.Amanda
  Estate Inventories: How to Use Them Book R929.1072/SMI Smith, Kenneth L.
  Evidence: Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian Book R929.1/MIL Mills, Elizabeth Shown
  The Family Chronicle Collection: Sept.1996-Aug.1997 Book R929.1/FAM  
  Family Records Book R929.341/BUR/1965 Burke, Asworth Peter
  FGS - Membership Directory - 2000 Book R929.1025/FED/2000 Fed. of Gen. Soc.
  Finding Your Roots Online Book 025.069291/HEN Hendrickson, Nancy
  First Name Variants Book R929.44/BAR/2003 Bardsley, Alan
  For All Time: A Complete Guide to Writing Your Family History Book R929.1/KEM/1996 Kempthorne, Charley
  Genealogical and Biographical Research: A Select Catalog of Nat'l Archives Microfilm Publications, Genealogical and Local History Books in Print Book R929.373/UNI Nat.Arch.Trust Fund
  4th Edition (in three volumes) Volume 1 Books R929.1/GEN/1985/V.1 Yantis, Netti
  Volume 2 Book R929.1/GEN/1985/V.2 Yantis, Netti
  Volume 3 Book R929.1/GEN/1985/V.3 Yantis, Netti
  1st Supplement to 4th Edition - Volume 4 Book R929.1/GEN/1990/V.4/SUPPL.1 Schreiner-Yantis
  2nd Supplement to 4th Edition - Volume 5 Book R929.1/GEN/1992/V.5/SUPPL.2 Schreiner;Schreiner
  5th Edition (in four volumes):  
  General References & World Resources Volume Book R929.1/GEN/1997 Hoffman, Marian
  Family History Volume Book R929.2/GEN/1996 Hoffman, Marian
  U.S. Sources & Resources - Volume A-N Book R929.3/GEN/1997/V.1 Hoffman, Marian
  U.S. Sources & Resources - Volume N-W Book R929.3/GEN/1997/V.2 Hoffman, Marian
  Genealogical Periodicals: A Neglected Treasure Booklet VF-"Genealogy" Towle, Laird C.
  Genealogical Records, Vol. IV Family and Court Records Book R929.3773/DAU/V.4 Mary Deere Chptr-DAR
  Genealogical Writing in the 21st Century: A guide to register style and more Book R808.066929/GEN Hoff, Henry B.
  Genealogies Cataloged by The Library of Congress Since 1986 Book R929.1/LIB Library of Congress
  The Genealogist's Address Book Book R929.1025/GEN/2005 Bentley, Elizabeth
  The Genealogist's Question & Answer Book Book R929.1/MEL Melnyk, Marcia Y.
  Genealogy Articles by Myra Vanderpool Gormley Notebook VF-"Genealogy" Gormley, Myra V.
  Genealogy Articles by Myra Gormley - Book 2 1992-94 Notebook VF-"Genealogy" Gormley, Myra V.
  Genealogy Articles by Myra Gormley  
  Book One: 1990-1991-1992 Book shelved in file box Gormley, Myra V.
  Book Two: 1992-1993-1994 Book shelved in file box Gormley, Myra V.
  Book Three: 1994-1995-1996 Book shelved in file box Gormley, Myra V.
  Book Four: 1996-1997-1998 Book shelved in file box Gormley, Myra V.
  Genealogy as Pastime and Profession Book R929.1023/JAC Jacobus, Donald Lines
  Genealogy/History - The Proceedings of the First Symposium on Gen. Book & Hist. Research Techniques Book R929.3/SYM/1971 Seattle Gen. Soc.
  Genealogy, the Internet, and Your Genealogy Computer Program, The Complete Beginner's Guide to Book R929.10285/CLI Clifford, Karen
  Guide to the Draper Manuscripts Book R978.02/HAR Harper, Josephine
  The Handwriting of American Records for a Period of 300 Years Book non-gen: 929.4 Kirkham, E. Kay
  The Handybook for Genealogists Book R929.107207/HAN/2002 Everton, George B.
  Handy Index to the Holdings of the Gen. Society of Utah Book R929.3016/GEN Brown, Mary J.
  "Heritage Quest" Magazine (recent issues till it was discontinued) Bulletin shelved in file boxes Heritage Quest
  Index to American Genealogies with supplement Book R929.1/IND Munsell - publisher
  Instant Information on the Internet! A Genealogist's No-Frills Guide to the 50 States & D.C. Book R025.069293/SCH Schaefer, Christina K.
  International Vital Records Handbook Book R929.3/KEM/2009 Kemp, Thomas Jay
  Life Writing: A Guide to Family Journals and Personal Memoirs Book R929.1/HOF Hoffman, William J.
  Locating Lost Family Members and Friends - modern genealogical research techniques for locating the people of your past and present Book R929.107207/HIN Hinckley, Kathleen W.
  Locating Your Roots: Discover Your Ancestors Using Land Records (missing 2013) Book R929.107207/HAT Hatcher, Patricia L.
  Marriage Laws in the United States 1887-1906 Book R346.73016/NOR North, S.N.D
  Meyer's Directory of Genealogical Societies in the United States and Canada Book R929.1025/MEY/1982 Meyer, Mary Keysor
  Morbus - Why and How Our Ancestors Died: A Dictionary of Terms Found in Vital Records Book VF-"Genealogy" Chorzempa, Rosemary
  National Genealogical Society Newsmagazine Newsletter shelved in file box National Gen.Society
  National Genealogical Society Quarterly Quarterly shelved in file box National Gen.Society
  The 1995 Genealogy Annual - A Bibliography of Published Sources Book R929.3/GEN/1995 Kemp, Thomas J.
  The Oxford Companion to Local and Family History Book 929.10941/OXF/2008 Hey, David
  Pitfalls in Genealogical Research Book R929.1/RUB Rubincam, Milton
  Printed Sources - A Guide to Published Genealogical Records Book R929.373016/PRI Meyerink, Kory L.
  Probate Records Book    
  Professional Genealogy Book R929.1/PRO Mills, Elizabeth S.
  Professional Techniques and Tactics in American Genealogical Research Book R929.107207/KIR Kirkham, E. Kay
  Recording Your Family History Book R929.2/FLE Fletcher, William P.
  Redbook (Ancestry's): American State, County and Town Sources Book R929.107207/RED Eichholz, Alice
  Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy Book R929.1/GRE Greenwood, Val
  Researching Masonic Records Book VF - "Genealogy-General" Yates, John S.
  Searching American Probate Records Book R929.1/CAR Carter, Fran
  Ships of Our Ancestors Book R387.24309/ANU/1983 Anuta, Michael J.
  A Simple Guide to Self-Publishing Book R070.593/ORT Ortman, Mark
  Some Things I've Learned from Genealogy Book 929/BEA Beacom, Frank
  The Source: A Guidebook of American Genealogy Book R929.1/SZU/1997 Szucs & Luebking
  Sources and Repositories Book VF-"Research" Gencor, Inc.
  Stamp Out Chaos: Eliminate Confusion Book VF-"Research" Jones, Vincent L.
  Surnames: Their Meaning and Origins Book R929.4/PTA Park, Diane Snyder
  UMI Guide to Family and Local Histories Book R929.3016/UMI/1990 Univ.Microfilms Inc.
  UMI Guide to Family and Local Histories - Vol.2 Book R929.3016/UMI/V.2 Univ.Microfilms Inc.
  Understanding and Using Baptismal Records Book R929.1072/HUM Humphrey, John T.
  U.S. County History Catalog Book R929.373/USC Ancestry Inc.
  The Unpuzzling Your Past Workbook: Essential Forms and Letters for All Genealogists Book R929.1072/CRO Croom, Emily Anne
  Walking With Your Ancestors: A Genealogist's Guide to Using Maps and Geography Book R929.107207/KAS Kashuba, Melinda
  What to Say in Your Genealogical Letters Booklet VF-"Genealogy" Gobble, J.R.
  What's in a Name Book shelved w/bulletins SKCGS
  Works Projects Administration Historical Records Survey - Sources for Genealogists Book R929.1072/HEI Heisey, John W.
  Writing Family Histories & Memoirs Book R929.1/POL/1995 Polking, Kirk
  Writing the Family Narrative Book R929.1/GOU Gouldrup, Lawrence P.
GEORGIA, State of
  Abstracts of Wills, Chatham County, Georgia 1773-1817 Book R929.375872/LAF LaFar & Wilson
  The Civil War Comes to Dade County Book R929.375834/HUG Hughes, Nathaniel C.Jr.
  Colonial Georgia Genealogical Data 1748-1783 Book R929.3758/DUM Dumont, William H.
  Dade County, Georgia Marriage Records 1866-1888 Book R929.375834/DAD Delta G.S.
  Early Georgia Wills and Settlements of Estates, Wilkes County Book R929.375817/SMI Smith, Sarah Quinn
  1860 Marion County, Georgia Federal Census (w/Index) Book R929.375848/CRE Crews, J.& Mary Kozy
  Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly Bulletins Shelved in binders with boxed magazines Georgia G.S.
  Vol. 10 (1974); Vol.11 (1975);    
  Vol. 18 (1982); Vol.19 (1983)  
  Grave Markers in Burke County, Georgia Book R929.509758/POW Powel;Odom;Hillhouse
  An Index to Georgia Tax Digests  
  Vol. III - 1804-1806 Book R929.3758/IND/V.3 R.J.Taylor Foundatn
  Vol. V - 1814-1817 Book R929.3758/IND/V.5 R.J.Taylor Foundatn
  Scots in Georgia and the Deep South, 1735-1830 Book R929.308991/DOB Dobson, David
  30,638 Burials in Georgia Book R929.509758/AUS Austin, Jeannette H.
  The ABCs of German-American Migration - Annotated Guide to German-American Migration Records Book R325.243097/HAL Haller, Charles R.
  Address Book for Germanic Genealogy Book R929.343/THO/1988 Thode, Ernest
  Ancestors in German Archives: a guide to family history sources Book R016.929343/Anc Wright, Raymond S.
  Atlantic Bridge to Germany: (Series)  
  Vol. 1: Baden-Wuerttemberg Book R929.343/ATL/V.1 Hall, Charles M.
  Vol. II: Hessen Part A; Rheinland-Pfalz Part B Book R929.343/HAL/V.2 Hall, Charles M.
  Vol. III: Bavaria Book R929.343/HAL/V.3 Hall, Charles M.
  Vol. IV: Saarland, Alsace-Lorraine, Switzerland Book R929.343/HAL/V.4 Hall, Charles M.
  Vol. V: Schleswg-Holstein; Hamburg; Bremen Book R929.343/HAL/V.5 Hall, Charles M.
  Vol. VI: Mecklenburg Book R929.3943/HAL/V.6 Hall, Charles M.
  Vol.VII: Nordrhein-Westfalen(Northrhine-Westphalia) Book R929.343/HAL/V.7 Hall, Charles M.
  Vol. VIII: Prussia, Brandenburg, East Prussia, Book R929.30943/HAL Hall, Charles M.
  West Prussia, Pommerania, and Posen  
  Vol. IX: Saxony/Sachsen, Thuringen, Nine Duchies Book R929.343/ATL/V.9 Hall, Charles M.
  Vol. X: Hannover, Oldenburg Book R929.343/HAL/V.10 Hall & Schiesswohl
  Atlas of the German Empire - 1892 Book R911.43/ATL (on bottom shelf) Thomsen's Gen.Center
  Bibliography on the Colonial Germans of North America Book R929.3748/MEY Meynen, Emil
  Bridge to Another World Book R929.1/GRU Gruenwald, Myron E.
  Deutsches Namenlexikon (in German) Book R929.40943/BAH/GERMAN Bahlow, Hans
  Die Ahnenlisten-Karte 1 Lieferung 2 (Ancestral List) Book R929.343/NES/V.2/GERMAN Nebler & Bruggemann
  Discovering Your Germanic Ancestors, A Genealogist's Guide to Book R929.108931/AND Anderson & Thode
  Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration Book R325.243/KNI/1965 Knittle, Walter A.
  The First Germans in America Book R973.0431/FIR Tolzmann, Don H.
  Genealogical Gazetteer of Alsace-Lorraine Book VF-"France" Thode, Ernest
  German-American Names Book R929.4/JON Jones, George F.
  German Church Books - Beyond the Basics Book R929.107204/SMI Smith, Kenneth L.
  German - English Genealogical Dictionary Book R929.103/THO Thode, Ernest
  German Genealogical Digest Magazines shelved in boxes German Gen. Digest
  German Genealogical Queries & Research Reports Pertaining to Baden-Wurttemberg & Other Regions Book R929.108931/OER Oertel, Dr.Burkhart
  German Immigrants in American Church Records  
  Volume I: Indiana Protestant Book R929.308931/GER/V.1 Minert, Roger P.
  Volume II: Wisconsin Northwest Protestant Book R929.308931/GER/V.2 Minert, Roger P.
  Volume III: Wisconsin Northwest Protestant Book R929.308931/GER/V.3 Minert, Roger P.
  Volume IV: Wisconsin Northwest Protestant Book R929.308931/GER/V.4 Minert, Roger P.
  Volume V: Wisconsin Northwest Protestant Book R929.308931/GER/V.5 Minert, Roger P.
  Volume 6: Nebraska Protestant Book R929.308931/GER/V.6 Minert, Roger P.
  Volume 7: Iowa West Protestant Book R929.308931/GER/V.7 Minert, Roger P.
  Volume 8: Iowa Northeast Protestant Book R929.308931/GER/V.8 Minert, Roger P.
  Volume 9: Iowa Southeast Protestant Book R929.308931/GER/V.9 Minert, Roger P.
  German Military Records as Genealogical Sources Booklet VF-"Germany" Reschke, Horst A.
  German Research Asso. - Surname Book - Vol. I - 1990 Book R929.420943/GER/1990/V.1 German Research Asso
  The German Research Companion Book R929.1072/RIE Riemer, Shirley J.
  German Towns in Slovakia and Upper Hungary - A Genealogical Gazetteer Book R929.308931/GAR/1991 Gardiner, Duncan B.
  The Germanic Genealogist (No.17B;19-24;25-29) Bulletins shelved w/bulletins Augustan Society
  No.17B - Index to issues 1-16 (L-Z)  
  No.19 -Making a Preliminary Germanic Survey  
  - Hessian Emigrants to America in 1835: Part IV  
  - Hessian Emigrants to America in 1835: Part V  
  - Documents Relating to PA in some German archives  
  - Strohs Cem.: Fishing Creek Valley, Dauphin Co., PA  
  - Passenger List of the Steamship Trave, 1893  
  - Passenger List of the Steamship Steinhoft, 1893  
  - Passenger List of the Steamship Stuttgart, 1893  
  No.20 - The Kingdom of Bavaria in 1872  
  - The House of Wittelsbach  
  - Bavarian Archives and Research  
  - Deserters Roll of the "Hochfuerstlich Hessischen Hochloeblichen Leib Regiment Infanterie modo Erbprinz" 1776-1783  
  - Passenger List of the Steamship Sorrento, 1892  
  - Notes from Osnabruck/Land  
  - Hessian Emigrants to America in 1837: Part VI  
  - Schwenck of Altleiningen, Palatinate  
  - Three Letters from Joseph Bernhard to Wilhelmina Rosa (Bernhard) Schwenk, 1893-1894-1897  
  No.21 - Partial Listing of Palatine Families in NY  
  - Wuerttemberg in 1887  
  - Research & Archives Sources: Wuerttemberg  
  - Arms of the de jure King of Wuerttemberg  
  - Duke Eberhard I, von Wirtemberg  
  No.22 - Hessian Emigrants to America 1838-1839  
  - Some North German Surnames  
  - Passenger List of the Steamship Russia, 1893  
  - Passengers from Germania to the U.S., 1821-1823  
  - Ancestral Line: Hambscher/Greuter  
  - Ancestral Line: Kreuter/Greuter  
  No.23/24 - The Allegiance of Colonel Haussegger  
  - The Ancestral Bloodlines of the Brechts of Baden  
  - The Webers of Hannover & other family connections  
  - Ahnentafel of Robert M. Kurtz  
  - Some American Descendants of Jurgen Cordes  
  - Where Have All the Barnims Gone? or Once Over Pommerania Lightly  
  - Passenger Lists of the Steamships Amalfi, the Italia, and the Weimar, 1893  
  No.25 - Special Query Issue  
  No.26 - Map of Ostfriesland in Lower Saxony  
  - Deserters of the Prussian Army in 1870  
  - Pioneer German and Swiss Immigrant Preachers  
  - German Methodists on the Central Plains  
  - Lists of Emigrants from the Church Parish of Venne (Hannover) to the U.S. after 1830  
  No.27 - German Emigrants from the area of Wuppertal  
  - Hessian Emigrants to America 1840-1841  
  - American Godfathers in Bueren, Westphalia 1834-99  
  - Bremen to New York in Steerage (1837)  
  No.28 - Rhineland Emigration & Immigration Bibiog.  
  - Descendants of William Weyerman/Wierman of PA  
  No.29 - 1780s Emigrants from Sayn-Altenkirchen  
  - Hessian Emigrants to America 1842  
  - Some Early "Palatines" and Their German Origin  
  - Cincinnati German Biography Index  
  - Die Hoheit des Teutschen Reichs Adels 1729-1740  
  A Guide to German Parish Registers in the FHC Vol.I - Baden, Bavaria, Wuerttemberg Book R929.343/CER Cerny, Johni
  How to Read German Church Records without Knowing Much German Booklet VF-"Germany" Johnson, Arta F.
  Immigrants to America From the Prussian Province, Pomerania (Pommern), Germany 1853-1854 Book VF-"Germany" Wellauer, Maralyn A.
  In Search of Your German Roots Book R929.343/BAX Baxter, Angus
  Kurpfalzische Auswanderer vom Unteren Neckar (Kurpfalz Emigrees from the Lower Neckar) Book R929.34343/HAC/V.4/German Hacker, Werner
  Lands of the German Empire and Before Book R943.083/UNC Uncapher, Wendy K.
  Maps of the German Empire of 1871 Book VF-"Germany" Jensen Publications
  Mitgliederverzeichnis 1980 und Satzung (List of German Genealogical Societies) Book R929.343/DEU Hoevel, Ruth
  Old German Script - 1989 Gen. Seminar, Auburn FHC Book VF-"Germany" Auburn FHC
  Palatine Church Visitations, 1609 Deanery of Kusel Book R929.3748/PAL Staudt, Ricardo W.
  The Palatine Immigrant Quarterly shelved in file boxes Palatines to America
  Palatine Mennonite Census Lists, 1664-1793 Book R929.34343/GUT Guth, Lemar & Mast
  Palatines to America:  
  Ancestor Chart Project - Vol. 1 Book R929.308931/ANC/V.1 Palatines to America
  Ancestor Chart Project - Vol. 2 Book R929.308931/ANC/V.2 Palatines to America
  Ancestor Chart Project - Vol. 3 Book R929.308931/ANC/V.3 Palatines to America
  Ancestor Chart Project - Vol. 4 Book R929.308931/ANC/V.4 Palatines to America
  Ancestor Chart Project - Vol. 5 Book R929.308931/ANC/V.5 Palatines to America
  Ancestor Chart Project - Vol. 6 Book R929.308931/ANC/V.6 Palatines to America
  Ancestor Chart Project - Vol. 7 Book R929.308931/ANC/V.7 Palatines to America
  Ancestor Chart Project - Vol. 8 Book R929.308931/ANC/V.8 Palatines to America
  Ancestor Chart Project - Vol. 9 Book R929.308931/ANC/V.9 Palatines to America
  Ancestor Chart Project - Vol. 10 Book R929.308931/ANC/V.10 Palatines to America
  Schweizer Einwanderer in Den Kraichgau (Swiss Emigrants into Kraichgau after the Thirty Year War) Book R929.34346/SCH/GERMAN Diefenbacher,
  The Story of the Palatines - An Episode in Colonial History (2 copies) Book R325.243097/COB Cobb, Sanford H.
  Taschenbuch Fur Familien Geschicts Forschung (Packet Book for Family History Research) Book R929.107209/TAS/1980/GERMAN Ribbe & Henning
  The Thirty Years War Book R943.04/WED Wedgwood, C.V.
  Westerwald to America: Some 18th Century German Immigrants Book R929.308931/BUR Burgert and Jones
  Where to Look for Hard-to-Find German Speaking Ancestors in Eastern Europe Book R929.42/BRA Brandt and Brandt
  The Greek Americans Book R973.0489/SCO Scourby, Alice
  Tracing Your Greek Ancestry - Reference to Cyprus Book R929.107204/MAT Mattheou, Antonia S.

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