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MAINE, State of
  Baptisms & Admission from Records of First Church in Falmouth, now Portland, Maine Book R929.374191/FIR King, Marquis F.
  A Brief History of the Town of Wellington, Maine 1828-1978 Booklet VF-"Maine" Garrett & Emhoff
  Dubros Times - Selected Depositions of Maine Revolutionary War Veterans Book R973.344109/DUB Sherman, Sylvia J.
  Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire Book R929.3741/GEN Noyes;Libby;Davis
  A History of Lewiston, Maine with a Genealogical Register of Early Families Book R929.374182/ELD Elder, James G.
  History of Saco and Biddeford Book R929.374195/FOL Folsom, George
  History of Wells & Kennebunk, Maine Book R974.1/BOU Bourne, Edward E.
  Maine Old Cemetery Association - Cemetery Inscription Project Booklet R929.50741/MAI/1980/SEPTEMBER Maine Old Cem. Assn.
  Norway in the Forties Book R974.175/BRA Bradbury,Dr.Osgood N.
  Norway in the Forties, Index to Osgood N. Bradbury's Book R974.175/HAI Haines, Mrs.
  The Probate Records of Lincoln County Maine 1760-1800 Book R929.374157/PRO Patterson, William D.
  Sesquecentennial History of the Town of Greene, Androscoggin County, Maine 1775 to 1900 With Some Matter Extending to a Later Date Book R974.182/MOW Mower, Walter L.
  Soldiers, Sailors, and Patriots of the Revolutionary War - Maine Book R929.3741/FIS Fisher & Fisher
  Atlas of the Austro-Hungarian Empire - 1892 Book R911.436/ATL
(on bottom shelf)
Thomsen's Gen.Center
  Atlas of the German Empire - 1892 Book R911.43/ATL
(on bottom shelf)
Thomsen's Gen.Center
  American Expansion: A Book of Maps Books VF-"Maps" Sale and Karn
  Genealogical and Historical Atlas of the U.S.A. Book R911.3/KIR Kirkham, E. Kay
  N.W. Gem Fields and Ghost Town Atlas Book VF-"Maps-Geological" Johnson, Robert Neil
  Railroad Maps of North America (The First 100 Years) Book R912.138509/MOD Modelski, Andrew M.
  Rand McNally Historical Atlas of the World Book R911/RAN/1965 Rand McNally
  Rand McNally World Atlas - Premier Edition Book R912/RAN/1944 Rand McNally
  Topographic and Other Map Coverage (each state) Maps, etc. Shelved in 3 gray boxes US Geological Survey
MARYLAND, State of
  Abstracts from The Port Tobacco Times and Charles County Advertiser Volume Two: 1855-1869 Book R929.375247/WEA/V.2 Wearmouth, Roberta
  Abstracts of Marriages & Deaths…in Newspapers of Frederick & Montgomery Counties, MD From 1831-1840 Book R929.375284/MOO Moore, L. Tilden
  The Ark and Dove Adventurers Book R929.3752/SOC Soc. of the Ark and Dove
  British Roots of Maryland Families Book R929.3752/BAR Barnes, Robert W.
  British Roots of Maryland Families - Volume II Book R929.3752/BAR Barnes, Robert W.
  Cecil County, Maryland Marriage Licenses 1777-1840 Book R929.375238/CEC Capt.Baker Chapt-DAR
  A Collection of Maryland Church Records Book R929.3752/PED Peden, Henry C.,Jr.
  Colonial Maryland Naturalizations Book R929.3752/WYA Wyand, J.& Wyand, F.
  Directory of Maryland Church Records Book R929.3752/KAN Kanely, Edna A.
  Early Settlers of MD (from land patents 1633-1680) Book R929.3752/SKO Skordas, Gust
  Founders of Anne Arundel & Howard Counties, MD - Gen.& bio. review from wills, deeds & church records Book R929.209752/WAR Warfield, J.D.
  Frederick County Militia in the War of 1812 Book R929.375287/MAL Mallick & Wright
  Frederick, Maryland Lutheran Marriages and Burials, 1743-1811 Book R929.375287/WEI Weiser, Frederick S.
  A Gazetteer of Maryland and Delaware Book R917.52003/GAN Gannett, Henry
  Hager, Jonathan: Founder (of Hagerstown, MD) 1762 Book R929.2/MIS/1972 Mish, Mary Vernon
  Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790 - Maryland Book R929.3752/HEA Govt.Printing Office
  History of Frederick County, Maryland - Volume I Book R929.375287/WIL Williams & McKinsey
  History of Frederick County, Maryland - Volume II Book R929.375287/WIL Williams & McKinsey
  A History of Maryland: Province and State Book R973.1/AND Andrews, Matthew P.
  History of Washington County, Maryland from the Book R975.2/WIL/V.1 Williams, Thomas J.C.
  Earliest Settlements to the Present Time, V.1 & 2 Book R975.2/WIL/V.2 Williams, Thomas J.C.
  History of Washington County, Maryland, An Index to Book R975.291/DIC Dickens, Jane
  An Index of the Source Records of Maryland Book R929.3752/PAS Passano, Eleanor P.
  Index to the 1820 Census of Maryland & Washington,DC Book R929.3752/PAR Parks, Gary W.
  An Inventory of Maryland State Papers (Volume 1) The Era of the American Revolution 1775-1789 Book R975.203016/PAP Papenfuse E.
  Marriage Licenses of Caroline Co., MD 1774-1815 Book R929.375231/CRA Cranor, Henry D.
  Marriage Licenses of Frederick County 1778-1810 Book R929.375287/MYE Myers, Margaret E.
  Marriage Licenses of Frederick County 1811-1840 Book R929.375287/MYE Myers, Margaret E.
  Marriages and Deaths From The Maryland Gazette 1727-1839 Book R929.3752/BAR Barnes, Robert
  The Maryland Gazette 1727-1761: Genealogical and Historical Abstracts Book R929.3752/GRE Green, Karen Mauer
  Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin Bulletin shelved in a box Maryland Gen.Society
  Maryland Marriages, 1634-1777 Book R929.3752/BAR Barnes, Robert
  Maryland Marriages, 1778-1800 Book R929.3752/BAR Barnes, Robert
  Maryland Marriages, 1801-1820 Book R929.3752/BAR Barnes, Robert
  The Maryland Militia in the Revolutionary War Book R973.3452/CLE Clements & Wright
  Maryland Records - Colonial, Revolutionary, County Book R929.3752/BRU/V,1 Brumbaugh, Gaius M.
  and Church from Original Sources - Vol.1 & 2 Book R929.3752/BRU/V,2 Brumbaugh, Gaius M.
  Maryland Rent Rolls: Baltimore and Anne Aruncel Counties, 1700-1707, 1705-1724 Book R929.375271/MAR MD Historical Magazine
  Maryland Revolutionary Records Book R929.3752/NEW Newman, Harry Wright
  Moravian Families of Graceham, MD 1759-1871 Book R929.375287/YOU Young, Henry James
  More Marylanders to Ohio and Indiana: Migrations Prior to 1835 Book R929.3752/PED Peden, Henry C., Jr.
  Names in Stone: 75,000 Cemetery Inscriptions from Book R929.509752/HOL/V.1 Holdcraft, Jacob M.
  Frederick County, Maryland: Volume 1 & Volume 2 Book R929.509752/HOL/V.2 Holdcraft, Jacob M.
  New Facts and Old Families - from the Records of Frederick County, Maryland Book R929.375287/RIC Rice,Millard Milburn
  Pennsylvania-German in the Settlement of Maryland Book R975.20043/NEA Nead, Daniel W.
  Quaker Records in Maryland Book R289.6752/JAC Jacobsen, Phebe R.
  Revolutionary Patriots of Frederick Co, MD 1775-1783 Book R929.375287/PED Peden, Henry C. Jr.
  To Maryland From Overseas Book R929.3752/NEW Newman, Harry W.
  Washington County, MD Cemeteries  
  Vol.1 - Sharpsburg District #1 including Antietam National Cemetery & Williamsport District #2 Book R929.509752/PIP/V.1 Piper, Samuel Webster
  Vol.VI - Encompassing the Cemeteries of Downsville District 20, Halfway District 26, Hagerstown Districts 21,25 & part of 22 Book R929.509752/PIP/V.6 Piper, Samuel Webster
  Vol.VII - Hagerstown District 22 (in part) Book R929.509752/PIP/V.7 Piper, Samuel Webster
  Western Maryland Newspaper Abstracts 1786-1798 - from newspapers of Hagerstown & Frederick, MD Book R929.3752/WRI/V.1 Wright, F. Edward
  Western Maryland Newspaper Abstracts Vol.2 1799-1805 >- from newspapers of Hagerstown & Frederick, MD Book R929.3752/WRI/V.2 Wright, F. Edward
  Abstracts of Bristol Co, MA Probate Records 1687-1745 Book R929.374485/ROU/BK.1 Rounds, H.L.Peter
  Abstracts of Bristol Co, MA Probate Records Book 2 1745-1762 Book R929.374485/ROU/BK.2 Rounds, H.L.Peter
  Boston, An Index to the Vital Records of 1630-1699 Book R929.374461/GLA Gladden, Sanford C.
  Boston Taxpayers in 1821 Book R929.374461/BOS Rohrbach, Lewis B.
  Bradford's History "of Plimoth Plantation" from the Original Manuscript Book R974.48/BRA Bradford, Gov.William
  Dorchester Births, Marriages, and Deaths to the End of 1825 Book R929.374461/REP Boston Record Comm.
  Dorchester, MA, An Index to the Vital Records of Through 1825 Book R929.374461/GLA Gladden, Sanford C.
  Early Massachusetts Marriages Prior to 1800 Book R929.3744/EAR Bailey, Frederick W.
  Genealogical Register of Plymouth Families Book R929.109744/DAV Davis, William T.
  Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown, MA 1629-1818 Vol.1 A-J Book R929.3/WYM/V.1 Wyman, Thomas B.
  Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown, MA 1629-1818 Vol.2 K-Z Book R929.3/WYM/V.2 Wyman, Thomas B.
  A History of Framingham, Massachusetts Book R974.44/BAR Barry, William
  History of the Town of Gloucester, Cape Ann Including the Town of Rockport Book R917.445/BAB Babson, John J.
  The Hoosac Valley - Its Legends and Its History Book R974/NIL Niles, Grace G.
  Loyalists of Massachusetts and the Other Side of the American Revolution Book R973.314 STA Stark, James H.
  Massachusetts Register - 1802 - containing civil, ecclesiastical, judicial & military lists Book R929.3744/MAS Orange Co.(CA) GS
  Massachusetts Sources in Seattle Libraries - Vol.II Book VF-"Massachusetts" Osborne, Martha
  Pioneers of Massachusetts Book R929.3744/POP Pope, Charles Henry
  Plymouth Colony - Its History & People 1620-1691 Book R974.02 STR Stratton, Eugene A.
  Port Arrivals and Immigrants to the City of Boston 1715-1716 and 1762-1769 Book R929.374461/POR Whitmore, William H.
  Proceedings of the Fitchburg Historical Society and papers relating to the History of the Town - Vol.V Book R929.3744/FIT/V.5 Fitchburg Hist.Soc.
  Records of Plymouth  
  Volume 1: 1636-1705 Book R974.48/PLY/V.1 Avery & Doten
  Volume 2: 1705-1743 Book R974.48/PLY/V.2 Avery & Doten
  Volume 3: 1743-1783 Book R974.48/PLY/V.3 Avery & Doten
  Rowley, Massachusetts Records - Town, Church & Cemetery 1639-1672 Book R929.37445/ROW Blodgette, George B.
  Suffolk County Wills - Abstracts of the earliest wills upon record in the county of Suffolk, MA (approx.12,000 names from about 1640-1670) Book R929.37446/SUF NewEng.Hist&Gen.Reg.
  A Surname Guide to Massachusetts Town Histories Book R929.42/LON Longver & Oesterlin
  Three Visitors to Early Plymouth Book R974.482/JAM James, Sydney V.
  Tisbury, MA to the Year 1850, Vital Records of Book R929.374494/VIT NewEng.Hist&Gen.Reg.
  Census Records for Latin America and the Hispanic United States Book R929.38/PLA Platt, Lyman D.
  Finding Your Hispanic Roots Book R929.107204/RYS Ryskamp, George R.
  Hispanic Surnames & Family History Book R929.40946/PLA Platt, Lyman D.
  Mexican-American Genealogical Research: Following the Paper Trail to Mexico Book R929.107207/SCH Schmal & Morales
  Scots in Latin America Book R929.308991/DOB Dobson, David
  Spain's Arizona Patriots in its 1779-1783 War with England during the American Revolution Book R973.346/HOU Granville & Hough
  Spanish & Mexican Records of the American Southwest: a bibliographical guide to archive and manuscript sources Book R979/BEE Beers, Henry Putney
MICHIGAN, State of
  Gazetteer of St. Joseph Valley of Michigan and Indiana for 1867 Book R977.4/TUR Turner, T. G.
  History of Frankenmuth, Saginaw Co., Michigan Book R977.446/POL Pollen, T.J.
  Michigan Genealogy - Sources and Resources Book R929.107207/MCG/2005 McGinnis, Carol
  Michigan Voyageurs (from the Notary Book of Samuel Abbott, Mackinac Island 1807-1817) Book R929.377492/MIC Russell, Donna V.
  Saginaw County Cemeteries -  
  Book Two - Oakgrove Cemetery; Pinegrove Cemetery; St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery; Birch Run Township Cemetery; Hammond Cemetery Book R929.377446/SAG/BK.2 Saginaw GS
  Book Four - Brant Township Cemetery; Taymouth Township Cemetery; Wheaton (Indian) Cemetery Book R929.377446/SAG/BK.4 Saginaw GS
  Sourcebook of Michigan Census, County Histories and Vital Records Book R016.9774/LIB State Library of MI
  Southeastern Michigan Pioneer Families: especially Calhoun County and New York Origins Book R929.377428/LEW Lewis, Helen F.
  American Militia in the Frontier Wars, 1790-1796 Book R929.373/CLA Clark, Murtie June
  Colonial Soldiers of the South 1732-1774 Book R929.375/CLA Clark, Murtle June
  Finding Your Father's War: A practical guide to researching and
understanding service in the WWII U.S. Army
Book R940.54097 GAW Gawne, Jonathan
  Foreign Origins: An Enumeration of Men of Foreign Birth Enlisted in the U.S. Army from 1798 to 1815 Book R929.373/KEN Kent, David L.
  The Great War - A Guide to the Service Records of all the
World's Fighting Men and Volunteers
Book R940.3/SCH Schaefer, Christina K.
  Grand Army of the Republic - Department of Illinois Transcription of the Death Rolls, 1879-1947 Book R973.76/NOR Northcott & Brooks
  Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army, from its organization, September 29, 1789 to March 2, 1903 (2 vol. set) Books R355.30973/HEI/V.1-V.2 Heitman, Francis B.
  Historical Register of Officers in the Continental Army during the war of the Revolution, April 1775 to December 1783 Book R929.373/HEI Heitman, Francis B.
  Index to Old Wars Pension Files 1815-1926 Book R929.373/WHI/1993 White, Virgil D.
  "The Lost Soldiers" - An Index to the Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers  
  Vol.II 1784-1811 Surnames F-L Book R929.373/WOL/V.2 Wolfe, Barbara S.
  Vol.III 1784-1811 Surnames M-R Book R929.373/WOL/V.3 Wolfe, Barbara S.
  The "Lost" Pensions - Settled Accounts of the Act of 6 April 1838 Book R929.373/SCO Scott, Craig R.
  Military Service Records: A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications Book R355.6016/UNI/1985 Nat.Arch.Trust Fund
  Naval Pensioneers of the United States, 1800-1851 Book R359.009227/BOC Bockstruck, Lloyd
  The Pension List of 1820 - indexed edition Book R973.34/UNI Clark, Murtie June
  Register of Federal United States Military Records  
  Vol. 1: 1775-1860 Book R929.373/REG/V.1 Deputy & Barden
  Vol. 2: The Civil War Book R929.373/REG/V.2 Deputy & Barden
  Vol. 3: 1866-World War II and Records of Various Branches of the Military Book R929.373/REG/V.3 Deputy & Barden
  Sparks from the Camp Fire: or Tales of the Old Veterans Book R973.7/MOR Morton, Joseph W. Jr.
  U.S. Military Records - A Guide to Federal & State Sources Books R929.30973/NEA/1994 Neagles, James C.
  War of 1812 Genealogy Book R929.1/SCH Schweitzer, George K.
  Early Pioneers and Indians of Minnesota and Rice County Book R977.6555 BER Berg, Lillie Clara
  Fort Snelling: Anchor Post of the Northwest Booklet VF-"Minnesota" Minnesota Hist.Soc.
  Freeborn County, Minnesota Book R977.618/FRE Freeborn Co.Hist.Soc.
  Minnesota Cemeteries in Print Book R929.509776/MIN Pope, Wiley R.
  Minnesota Genealogical Index - Volume I Book R929.3776/POP Pope, Wiley R.
  Minnesota Genealogical Journal Journals shelved in boxes Park Gen. Books
  My Minneapolis Book R325.248177/HAN Hansen, Carl G.O.
  Oronoco - Past and Present Book R977.6155/BOU Boutelle, Elsie
  Tracing Your Ancestors in Minnesota: A Guide to the 3 Sources - Volume I Book R929.107207/POP Pope & Wiener
  "Yankee Genealogy" Newsletter VF-"MN-Yankee" Yankee GS of MN GS
  Carroll Co., MS, Pioneers - Abstracts of Wills 1834-1875 & Divorces 1857-1875 Book R929.376263/WIL Wiltshire, Betty C.
  Early Settlers of Mississippi as Taken From Land Claims in the Mississippi Territory Book R929.3762/EAR Lowrie, Walter
  Marriages and Deaths from Mississippi Newspapers  
  Vol. 1: 1837-1863 Book R929.3762/WIL/V.1 Wiltshire, Betty C.
  Vol. 2: 1801-1850 Book R929.3762/WIL/V.2 Wiltshire, Betty C.
  Vol. 3: 1813-1850 Book R929.3762/WIL/V.3 Wiltshire, Betty C.
  Vol. 4: 1850-1861 Book R929.3762/WIL/V.4 Wiltshire, Betty C.
  Mississippi Confederate Grave Registrations A-L Book R929.509762/WIL/A-L Wiltshire, Betty C.
  Mississippi Confederate Grave Registrations M-Z Book R929.509762/WIL/M-Z Wiltshire, Betty C.
  Mississippi Index of Wills 1800-1900 Book R929.3762/WIL Wiltshire, Betty C.
  The Natchez Court Records 1767-1805 - Abstracts of Early Records Book R929.376/NAT McBee, May Wilson
  Natchez Postscripts 1781-1798 Book R929.3762/WEL Wells, Carol
  Slaves I - Claiborne County, Mississippi Book R929.3762/TER/V.1 Terry, Brenda
  Source Records From Pike County, Mississippi 1798-1910 Book R929.376223/RES Williams & Conerly
MISSOURI, State of
  A Belated Census of Earliest Settlers of Cape Girardeau County, Missouri Book R929.377896/GAM Gammon, Rev.William J.
  Branded as Rebels: A List of Bushwackers, Guerrillas, Partisan Rangers, Confederates and Southern Sympathizers from Missouri During the War Years Book R973.742/BRA Eakin,J.& D.Hale
  Cass County Missouri Families Book R929.20973/CAS Cass Co. Historical Society
  Early MO Ancestors from Newspapers 1808-1822 - Vol.1 Book R929.3778/STA/V.1 Stanley & Wilson
  Early Settlers of Missouri as Taken From Land Claims in the Missouri Territory Book R929.3778/EAR Lowrie, Walter
  History of a Missouri Farm Family: The O.V. SLAUGHTERS 1700-1944 Book R929.20973/SLA Slaughter, S.
  Missouri Birth and Death Records  
  Volume One Book R929.3778/EDD/V.1 Eddleman, Sherida K.
  Volume Two Book R929.3778/EDD/V.2 Eddleman, Sherida K.
  Volume Three Book R929.3778/EDD/V.3 Eddleman, Sherida K.
  Volume Four Book R929.3778/EDD/V.4 Eddleman, Sherida K.
  Missouri Genealogical Gleanings 1840 and Beyond - Volume 4 Book R929.3778/EDD/V.4 Eddlemon, Sherida K.
  Missouri Genealogical Records & Abstracts  
  Volume 1: 1766-1839 Book R929.3778/EDD/V.1 Eddleman, Sherida K.
  Volume 2: 1752-1839 Book R929.3778/EDD/V.2 Eddleman, Sherida K.
  Volume 3: 1787-1839 Book R929.3778/EDD/V.3 Eddleman, Sherida K.
  Volume 4: 1741-1839 Book R929.3778/EDD/V.4 Eddlemon, Sherida K.
  Volume 5: 1755-1839 Book R929.3778/EDD/V.5 Eddlemon, Sherida K.
  Volume 6: 1621-1839 Book R929.3778/EDD/V.6 Eddlemon, Sherida K.
  Volume 7: 1535-1839 Book R929.3778/EDD/V.7 Eddlemon, Sherida K.
  Missouri Marriages Before 1840 Book R929.3778/ORM Ormesher, Susan
  Missouri Marriages to 1850 Book R929.3778/BRO Brooks, Linda Barber
  Missouri State Archives - A Guide to County and Municipal Records on Microfilm Book R929.3778/GUI Missouri St.Archives
  Morgan County, MO Marriage Records 1833-1893 Book R929.377853/EDD Eddleman, Sherida K.
  Newspaper Gleanings From Andrew Co.& Surrounding Area Book R929.377812/MCM McMackin, Dorothy J.
  Osborn Evergreen Cemetery, Osborn, MO 1870-1990 Book R929.509778/OSB Osborn Cem. Assn.
MONTANA, State of
  First Families of Montana and Early Settlers, Vol.I Book R929.3786/FIR/V.1 Montana State GS
  Missoula the Way It Was "A Portrait of and Early Western Town" Book R978.685/KOE Koelbel, Lenora
  Montana's Genealogical and Local History Records (#6019973)
(fiche #2 & #3 - #1 missing)
(2 fiche)
Fiche Notebook
(on vertical file)
Richards, Dennis Lee
  The Montana Militia: A History of Montana's Volunteer Forces 1867-1976, including the 163rd Regiment Book R355.370978/LAC Lacey, Richard H.
  Red Lodge Finns - Carbon County, Montana Booklet shelved w/bulletins Finnish-Am.HS of the West
  Settlers and Sodbusters Book R929.3786/SET Hot Springs Hist.Soc.

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