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OHIO, State of
  Annual Report of the Sec. of State to the Gov. of Ohio - Appendix B - Return of the Number of Deaf & Dumb, Blind, Insane, and Idiotic Persons - May 1856 Book R929.3771/ANN Heritage Bk. reprint
  The Cincinnati City Directory for 1825 Book R929.377178/HAL Hall, Harvey
  Early Ohio Settlers - Purchasers of Land  
  in East and East Central Ohio, 1800-1840 Book R929.37716/BER Berry & Berry
  in Southeastern Ohio, 1800-1840 Book R929.37719/BER Berry & Berry
  in Southwestern Ohio, 1800-1840 Book R929.37717/BER Berry & Berry
  Early Ohio Tax Records Book R929.3771/POW Powell, Esther Weygant
  Families of Crawford County, Ohio 1977-1978 Book R929.377127/FAM Crawford Co.Chap/OGS
  Family Research in Monroe County, Ohio (columns printed in the Spirit of Democracy, a weekly newspaper published continuously since 1844 at Woodsfield, Monroe Co., Ohio)  
  Vol. I: (early columns reprinted June 1967-June 28,1973) Book R929.377196/FED/V.I Fedorchak, Catharine
  Vol.II/Part I: (reprinted July 5,1973-Sept.9,1975) Book R929.377196/FED/V.II/Pt.1 Fedorchak, Catharine
  Vol.II/Part II: (reprinted Sept.16,1975-Jan.14,1977) Book R929.377196/FED/V.II/Pt.2 Fedorchak, Catharine
  Vol.III: (reprinted Jan.21,1977-June 22,1979) Book R929.377196/FED/V.III Fedorchak, Catharine
  Vol.IV: (reprinted June 29,1979-Oct.20,1980) Book R929.377196/FED/V.IV Fedorchak, Catharine
  First Ownership of Ohio Lands Book R929.3771/DYE Dyer, Albion Morris
  Gateway to the West - Vol. 1 Book R929.3771/BOW/V.1 Bowers & Short
  Gateway to the West - Vol. 2 Book R929.3771/BOW/V.2 Bowers & Short
  Ghosts and Living - Early Churches of Wyandot County Book R977.126/GHO Watts, Mrs.Robert
  Greene County, Ohio Births Prior to 1869 Book R929.377174/KIL Kilner, Arthur R.
  Hamilton County, Ohio Citizenship Record Abstracts 1837-1916 Book R929.377177/HUG Hughes, Lois E.
  The Heckewelder Map, 1796 Booklet VF-"Ohio" Walmsley & Conlin
  History of Crawford County, Ohio 1820-1889 - excerpted from 1898 edition of Howe's Hist.of Ohio Book R977.127/HOW Howe, Henry
  History of Fairfield County, Ohio 1800-1889 - excerpted from 1898 edition of Howe's Hist.of Ohio Book R929.377158/HOW Howe, Henry
  History of Franklin County Book R977.156/MAR Martin, William T.
  History of Hocking County, Ohio 1818-1889 - excerpted from 1898 edition of Howe's Hist.of Ohio Book R929.377183/HOW Howe, Henry
  History of Wayne County, Ohio Book R977.161/DOU Douglass, Ben
  History of Wyandot County, Ohio 1845-1889 - excerpted from 1898 edition of Howe's Hist.of Ohio Book R977.126/HOW Howe, Henry
  Index of Death Notices Appearing in the Cincinnati Commercial, 1858-1899  
  Part 1: A-L Book R929.3771/HER/Pt.1 Herbert, Jeffrey G.
  Part 2: L-Z Book R929.3771/HER/Pt.2 Herbert, Jeffrey G.
  Jefferson County, Ohio Will Book 8 1873-1880 Book R929.377169/ASH Ashcraft, Reva
  Montgomery County, Ohio Marriages 1803-1851 (July 26, 1803 - July 20, 1851) Book R929.377172/BRI Brien, Lindsay M.
  More Marylanders to Ohio and Indiana: Migrations Prior to 1835 Book R929.3752/PED Peden, Henry C., Jr.
  Ohio Guide to Genealogical Sources Book R929.1072/BEL Bell, Carol Willsey
  Ohio - Her Counties Her Townships and Her Towns Book VF-"Ohio" The Researchers
  Ohio Source Records excepted & reprinted from Ohio Gen. Quarterly Book R929.3771/OHI Ohio Gen. Quarterly
  Ohio Valley Genealogies Book R929.3771/HAN Hanna, Charles A.
  Ohio Wills and Estates to 1850: An Index Book R929.3771/BEL Bell, Carol Willsey
  Paulding County, OH Census Index 1830,1840,1850,1860 Book R929.377117/KEC Keck, Ray E.
  Pioneer Ohio Newspapers, 1793-1810 Book R929.3771/GRE Green, Karen M.
  Pioneer Record and Reminiscences of the Early Settlers and Settlement of Fayette County, Ohio Book R929.377181/PUT Putnam, Rufus
  Tuscarawas County, OH 1890 Widows and Veterans Census Book R929.377166/LIB Libert & Schaar
  Washington Co., OH, Early Marriage Records 1789-1803 Book R929.377198/DOA Doak, Mildred
  Washington Co., OH Marriages 1789-1840 Book R929.377198/GRA Graham & Cottle
  Wyandot County, Ohio Directory Reprint - 1877 Book R977.126/WYA WyandotCo.Chap/OH GS
  Wyandot County, OH Family Bible Records Vol.I - 1987 Book R929.377126/FAM/V.1 WyandotCo.Chap/OH GS
  Wyandot County, Ohio, The History of, Volume I: A General History of the County Book R929.3771/HIS/V.1 Leggett, Conway & Co.
OKLAHOMA, State of
  Complete Marriage Records-Muskogee, Indian Territory First US Court-Northern District Books A,B,& B-1 July 1890 - March 1893 Book R929.376682/LIN Lindsey & Hooper, Hagan
  Genealogical Data Extracted from "Muskogee Weekly Phoenix"  
  Indian Territory - 1888-1892 Book R929.376682/SIE Siebold, Sheri
  Volume II - 1893 - 1897 Book R929.376682/GEN/V.2 Siebold, Sheri
  Volume III - 1898-1902 Book R929.376682/SIE/V.3 Siebold, Sheri
  Guide to the Historical Records of Oklahoma Book R016.9766/KOP Koplowitz, Bradford
  Muskogee County, Oklahoma Cemeteries, Vol. I Book R929.509766/ELL/V.1 Ellsworth & Emler
  Probate Records - OK Hist.Soc. Microfilm Publication Roll USC 48 US District Court, Second Divisions; Central District -South McAlester, Indian Territory Book R929.37665/LOF Loftin and Wheeler
  Sequoyah County, Oklahoma Cemeteries - Vol.I Book R929.507668/ELL/V.1 Emler & Ellsworth
OREGON, State of
  At Rest in Lincoln County Book R929.509795/PAR Parry, Evelyn
  Aurora, Their Last Utopia: Oregon's Christian Commune, 1856-1883 Book R335.9795/SHY Snyder, Eugene Edmund
  Barlow Toll Road 1846-1919; Foster-Pettygrove Store Lists; History of Eagle Creek Community Book R929.3795/MEY Meyers, E.L.(Roy)
  Benton County (OR) Marriages 1851-1922 Book R929.379534/BRO Browning & Brown
  Birth Records 1888-1943 from the Milton-Eagle Newspaper and Freewater Times Newspaper Located in Milton-Freewater, Oregon Book R929.509797/WIL Walla Walla Valley GS
Wilson, Garland E.
  The Boarding House Finns (in the Pacific Northwest) Booklet shelved w/bulletins Finnish-Am.HS of the West
  Clatsop County (OR) Marriages 1859-1874 and Divorces 1861-1874 Booklet R929.379547/GAY Stoller, Ruth
  Columbia County, Oregon Marriages 1855-1897 Book R929.379546/STO Gaylord, Harriet
  Columbia County, Oregon Marriage Records 1855-1900 Book R929.379547/COL Chamberlin & Reding
  Cottage Grove, OR Masonic Lodge #51 Membership Records Book R929.3795/MYE Cottage Grove GS
  Douglas County, Oregon Cemetery Records  
  Book 1 - Glide & Dixonville Area Cemeteries Book R929.509795/GEN/BK.1 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Book 2 - Lookingglass Cemetery Book R929.509795/GEN/BK.2 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Book 3 - Civil Bend Cemetery Book R929.509795/GEN/BK.3 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Book 4 - Roseburg IOOF Cemetery Book R929.509795/GEN/BK.4 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Book 5 - St.Joseph Catholic Cemetery and East Roseburg Area Cemeteries Book R929.509795/GEN/BK.5 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Book 6 - Winston, Dillard, Tenmile and Olalla Area Cemeteries Book R929.509795/GEN/BK.6 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Book 7 - Canyonville Area Cemeteries Book R929.509795/GEN/BK.7 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Book 8 - Melrose Area Cemeteries Book R929.509795/GEN/BK.8 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Book 9 - Elkton, Kellogg & Tyee Area Cemeteries Book R929.509795/GEN/BK.9 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Book 10 - Umpqua and Wilbur Area Cemeteries Book R929.509795/GEN/BK.10 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Book 11 - Yoncalla Area Cemeteries Book R929.509795/GEN/BK.11 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Book 12 - Camas Valley Cemeteries Book R929.509795/GEN/BK.12 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Douglas County, Oregon - Declaration of Intention to Become Naturalized  
  Book 1: 1850-1906 Book R929.379529/DEC/V.1 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Book 2: 1906-1972 Book R929.379529/DEC/V.2 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Douglas County, Oregon Marriage Records  
  Vol. One - see "Umpqua & Douglas Co."  
  Vol. Two - 1871-1881 Book R929.379529/TAL/V.2 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Vol. Three 1882-1891 Book R929.379529/TAL/V.3 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Douglas County, Oregon Newspaper Index  
  Volume 1 - 1867-1874 Book R979.501/AUS G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Volume 2 - 1875-1877 from the Roseburg"Plaindealer" Book R979.50016/DOU/V.2 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Volume 3 - Dec.14, 1877 - Dec.24, 1880 from "The Western Star" and "Independent" Book R979.50016/DOU/V.3 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Douglas County, Oregon Probate Records  
  Vol.1: Box 1, Vol.1 - Box 5 Vol.10 1850-1889 Book R929.379529/SMA/V.1 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Vol.2: Box 6, Vol.11 - Box 10, Vol.21 1855-1904 Book R929.379529/SMA/V.2 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Vol.3: Box 11, Vol.22 -Box 15, Vol.32 1858-1899 Book R929.379529/SMA/V.3 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Vol.4: Box 16, Vol.33 -Box 20, Vol.43 1856-1905 Book R929.379529/SMA/V.4 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Vol.5: Box 21,Vault 44-Box 25, Vault 54 1860-1907 Book R929.379529/SMA/V.5 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Vol.6: Box 26, Vol.55 -Box 30, Vol.64 1867-1912 Book R929.379529/SMA/V.6 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Vol.7: Box 31,Vault 65-Box 35, Vault 74 1872-1911 Book R929.379529/SMA/V.7 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Vol.8: Box 36,Vault 75-Box 40, Vault 85 1885-1916 Book R929.379529/SMA/V.8 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Vol.9: Box 41,Vault 86-Box 45, Vault 94 1895-1916 Book R929.379529/SMA/V.9 G.S. of Douglas Co.
  Finnish Lutherans in the Melting Pot Booklet shelved w/bulletins Finnish-Am.HS of the West
  Genealogical Material in Oregon Donation Land Claims  
  Vol. I - Abstracts of First 2500 Claims Filed at Oregon City Land Office Book R929.3795/GEN/V.1 Gen. Forum of Oregon
  Vol. II - Abstracts of Claims 2501-5289 (complete) Filed at Oregon City Land Office Book R929.3795/GEN/V.2 Gen. Forum of Oregon
  Vol. III - Abstracts From Applications Filed at Roseburg, The Dalles & LaGrande Land Offices Book R929.3795/GEN/V.3 Gen. Forum of Oregon
  Vol. IV - Abstracted From Rejected Applications Filed in Oregon City, Roseburg & The Dalles Land Offices Book R929.3795/GEN/V.4 Gen. Forum of Oregon
  Vol. V - Supplement to Volume I Book R929.3795/GEN/V.5 Gen. Forum of Oregon
  Genealogical Material in Oregon Provisional Land Claims - Abstracted from Applications, Vol.I-VIII (1845-1849) Book R929.3795/GUR Gen. Forum of Oregon
  Geographic Index for Vol.I & II - Gen. Material in OR Donation Land Claims Filed w/Oregon City Office Book R979.5/GEO Gen. Forum of Oregon
  Gilliam County (OR) Marriages 1885-1900 Booklet R929.379565/CHA Chang, Patricia M.
  Graves and Sites on the Oregon and California Trails Book R917.950443/GRA Brown & Duffin
  Guide to Oregon Provisional and Territorial Government Records Book R979.50016/ORE OR State Archives
  Honor Roll of Oregon Grand Army of Republic 1881-1935 Book R369.15/MYE Myers, Jane
  Index to Oregon Donation Land Claims Book R929.3795/IND/1987 Gen. Forum of Oregon
  Indian Tribes of Washington, Oregon & Idaho Book non-geneal: R979.5004 Swanton, John Reed
  Jefferson County (OR) Marriages 1915-1926 Booklet R929.379585/THO Thomas, Dorothy
  Klamath County (OR) Marriages 1882-1859 Booklet R929.379591/WEL Wells, Lula
  Lake County (OR) Marriages 1875-1882 Booklet R929.379593/WEL Wells, Lula
  Lane County Oregon Marriage Records  
  Vol. I 1852-1869 Book R929.379531/LAN/V.1 OR PioneerRes.Bureau
  Vol. II 1870-1879 Book R929.379531/LAN/V.2 Myers & Smith
  Vol.III 1880-1889 Book R929.379531/LAN/V.3 Myers & Smith
  Vol. IV 1890-1899 Book R929.379531/LAN/V.4 Myers & Smith
  Multnomah Co., OR - Marriage Records of  
  1855-1873 Book R929.379501/MAR Park, Harriette Word
  1873-1883 Book R929.379501/PAR Park, Harriette Word
  1883-1885 (June 1883-December 1885) Book R929.379549/PAR/V.5 Park, Harriette Word
  1885-1888 (December 1885-September 1888) Book R929.379549/PAR/V.6 Park, Harriette Word
  1888-1890 (September 1888-July 1890) Book R929.379549/PAR/V.7 Park, Harriette Word
  Index to Volumes 8-10 (July 1890-July 1895) Book R929.379549/MUL/V.8-10 Chamberlin, Eileen
  Index to Volumes 11-13 (July 1895-May 1901) Book R929.379549/MUL/V.11-13 Chamberlin, Eileen
  Ninteenth Street (Portland, OR) Book R979.549/MAR Marlitt, Richard
  Old Yamhill-The Early History of its Towns & Cities Book R979.539/STO Stoller, Ruth
  Oregon Bible Records from Museums of the Willamette Valley - Vol. One Book R929.3795/BUR/V.1 Burgess, Jo Ann
  Oregon Cemetery Survey Book R929.50979/ORE OR Dept.Transportn.
  Oregon County Boundary Change Maps 1843-1916 Book R979.5/BRO Brown, Erma Skyles
  Oregon Early Settler Certificates: Vol.1 A through Z Book R929.3795/EAR/V.1 Oregon GS
  Oregon Early Settler Certificates: Vol.2 A through Z Book R929.3795/EAR/V.2 Oregon GS
  Pioneer History of Coos & Curry Counties, OR - Heroic Deeds and Thrilling Adventures of the Early Settlers Book R979.52/DOD Dodge, Orvil
  Polk County Cemeteries, Volume Two: The Southwest Fourth Book R929.509795/POL Polk County GS
  Polk County Oregon Marriage Records 1849-1879 Book R929.379538/CUS Custer & Wade
  The Railroad Stations of Oregon Book R385.314097/MCA McArthur, Lewis L.
  St. Mary's Cemetery - Portland's Pioneer Catholic Cemetery Book R929.509795/LEN Lenzen, Connie
  Some Cemetery Records of Coos and Curry Counties, OR Book R929.509795/SOM Gen. Forum of Oregon
  Tillamook County, Oregon - 1860 Census Book R929.379544/KID Kidd, Julie
  Umpqua & Douglas County, OR Marriage Records Vol. One (Umpqua Co., OR - Book A, 1851-1863) (Douglas Co., OR - Book 1, 1853-1871) Book R929.379529/TAL/V.1 Talburt & Smart
  Wasco County, Oregon - Some Cemetery Records of Book R929.509795/RAM Ramsey & Gurley
  Wasco County - Tygh Valley & Wamic, Oregon Funerals 1940-1952 Book R929.379562/HAR Savage, Gene A.
  Washington Co., OR - Records of  
  Vol.1 - Marriage Records 1842-1880 Book R929.3795/WAS/V.1 Lepschat & Balfour
  Vol.4 - Marriage Records 1896-1902 Book R929.3795/CHR Christmas-Beattie, G.
  Wheeler Co., Oregon - Marriages of 1899 through 1920 Book R929.379581/ARM Armfield, Ruth A.V.
  Willamette Landings - Ghost Towns of the River Book 979.5 (not reference) Corning, Howard M.
  Yesterday's Roll Call - Statistical Data and Genealogical Facts from Cemeteries in Baker, Sherman and Umatilla Counties, Oregon - Vol.1 Book R929.37956/GEN Gen. Forum of Oregon

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