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  A Collection of Memorials Concerning Diverse Deceased Ministers and Others of the People Called Quakers in PA, NJ, and Parts Adjacent…to the Year 1787 Book R289.6730/COL Phila. Yearly Mtg.
  Early Quaker Records of Philadelphia, PA  
  Volume I: 1682-1750 Book R929.374811/WAT Watring, Anna M.
  Volume II: 1751-1800 Book R929.374811/WAT Watring, Anna M.
  Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy  
  Volume I - North Carolina Book R929.373/HIN/V.1 Hinshaw, William W.
  Volume II - New Jersey & Pennsylvania Book R929.373/HIN/V.2 Hinshaw, William W.
  Volume IV - Ohio Book R929.373/HIN/V.4 Hinshaw, William W.
  Volume V - Ohio Book R929.373/HIN/V.5 Hinshaw, William W.
  Index to Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy by William Wade Hinshaw Book R929.373/HIN Gen.Publishing Co.
  Facts, Fiction, Folklore and Fakelore, The Descent of Some of Our Quaker Ancestors: from Adam, the Hebrews, the Egyptians, the Romans, the Irish, Scots, Saxon & British kings, Charlemagne, the Normans, the Vikings, and others Book R929.108828/BEL/1986 Bellarts, James E.
  Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania, 1682-1750 Book R974.802/MYE Myers, Albert Cook
  Our Quaker Ancestors -Finding Them in Quaker Records Book R929.3/BER Berry & Berry
  Quaker Arrivals at Philadelphia, 1682-1750 Book R929/374811/MYE Myers, Albert Cook
  Quaker Census of 1828 Book R929.308828/QUA Fay, Loren V.
  Quaker Genealogies - A Select List of Books Book R929.108828/HEI Heiss,W.& T.Hamm
  Quaker Records Book R929.108828/ELL Elliott, Wendy L.
  The Quiet Rebels - The Story of the Quakers in America Book R289.6/BAC Bacon, Margaret Hope

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