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 #   Description CD# Author
1 Pennsylvania 1870 Census Index CD-ROM AGLL
5 U.S. Marriage Record Index, 1691-1850 CD-ROM Heritage Quest
8 New Orleans Passenger Lists, 1840-1849 CD-ROM Ultimate Family Tree
9 Picton's Lost Souls - Volume I (Names found in indexes to hundreds of Picton Press books) CD-ROM Picton Press
10 SAR Patriot Index - 2002 edition CD-ROM Progeny Publishing
12 Colonial Genealogies #1 1607-1920, (7 vol.- Colonial Families of the U.S.of America) CD #7189 Family Archives
19 Pennsylvania 1870 Census - Western Pennsylvania CD #285
20 Scandinavia Vital Records Index; Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden LDS Family History Resources Files
25 Federal Pensioners' Roll of 1883 CD-ROM Heritage Quest
26 Heritage Quest (84 issues-Sept85-Dec99) CD-ROM Heritage Quest
29 Ohio 1870 Census, Digital Microfilm Sample CD-ROM Family Quest Archives
30 1851 British Census (Devon, Norfolk & Warwick only) CD-ROM LDS Family History Resource Files
31 Vital Records Index - British Isles 5 CD-ROMs LDS Family History Resource Files
35 Index of Illinois Marriages - Earliest to 1900 CD-ROM Illinois State GS
46 Colonial Penssylvanid Naturlization Records CD Ultimate Family Tree
47 Family Histories, vol 1, 100,000 Family Histories and Genealogies at Libriaries Across the USA CD-ROM
48 Local Histories, vol 1, 100,000 Family Histories and Genealogies at Libriaries Across the USA CD-ROM
50 Census Index: US Selected Counties, 1800
52 The German Colonial Era (also see Immigration) CD #1152 Heritage Books CD#1152
61 1885 Colorado State Census - Arapahoe County CD-ROM Colorado State G.S.
68 Family History Basics: A simple way to begin untangling your past DVD-R Seminar- Heritage Learning Library
69 Federal and State Censuses - Enumerating America's Families DVD-R Seminar- Heritage Learning Library
70 Land Records... So What? I just want to know who the father was! DVD-R Seminar- Heritage Learning Library
71 Platting and Graphing of Land Records DVD-R Seminar- Heritage Learning Library
72 U.S. Passenger Lists: Boston, Philadelphia, DVD-R Seminar- Heritage Learning Library
73 U.S. Passenger Lists: New York DVD-R Seminar- Heritage Learning Library
75 Swedish Research Basics DVD-R Seminar- Heritage Learning Library
76 British Isles Vital Records Index - England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales CD-ROM LDS Family History Resources Files
77 The Records of the Churches of Boston CD-ROM NEHGS
78 Records of Barnstable, Massachusetts CD-ROM NEHGS
79 Grand Army of the Republic Civil War Veterans Department of Massachusetts 1866-1947 CD #2130 Sargent, A. Dean - Heritage Books, Inc.
80 Irish Records Vol.I: Index of Irish Wills,1484-1858 CD-ROM Eneclann Ltd.
85 Alaska Gold Rush CD ACD-2002 Generations Archives by Heritage Quest
88 Monongahela Valley Allegheny-Fayette-Greene-Washington-Westmoreland Counties CD-#M221 Retrospect Publishing
89 Emigrant Names - California and Oregon Trails CD-ROM OR-CA Trail Assn.
90 Births, Deaths, and Marriages on California's Mendocino Coast - Volumes 1-4 CD #1269 Heritage Books Archives
91 Connecticut - Volume 2 - Heritage Book Archives (CT Divorces: Superior Court Records the Counties of Litchfield, 1752-1922 and Hartford, 1740-1849; The Bench and Bar of Litchfield Co., 1709-1909; Honor Roll of Litchfield Revolutionary Soldiers; Bristol, CT; The Memorial History of Hartford Co, 1633-1884, Vol.1 & 2; The County Regiment: A Sketch of the Second Regiment of CT Volunteer Heavy Artillery in the Civil War; A Gen. Register of the Inhabitants of the Town Litchfield) CD #1474 Heritage Book Archives
92 Wisconsin Volume 1 (Old Cemetery Burials of Milwaukee Co, WI, Vol.1 & 2; Gen. Abstracts from the Wauwatosa New, 1899-1904; The Chronicles of Milwaukee; History of the Territory of Wisconsin from 1836-1848) CD-ROM Heritage Books Archives
93 Calendar of New Jersey Wills CD-ROM Heritage Books Archives
94 Cemetery Records of Whatcom County, Washington (Series II Records thru 1985 - based on printed Series II Volumes 1-12 and Master Index) Ver. 1 CD-ROM Whatcom Gen.Society
102 Montana State Death Registry Index Pre-1954;1954-2002 CD-ROM Montana State GS
108 The Sounder - Every Name Index Volumes 1-15 CD-ROM Sno-Isle Gen.Society
109 Footprints 1957-1997 with surname & topical index to 20 years of Fort Worth, Texas GS bulletin CD-ROM Fort Worth GS
110 The Early San Francisco Newspaper Index (560,000 listings 1849-1927 - Irish San Franciscans) CD-ROM WRC Historical Indexes
111 Legacy - Training Video Volume 1 (5 Disks) DVD-R
112 Legacy - Training Video Volume 2 (4 Disks) DVD-R
113 Legacy - 12 Step check list in using Legacy CD-ROM
114 Legacy- Mastering Events & Chronologies CD-ROM
115 Passenger Ship Arrivals, Canadian Ports 1865-1899 CD-ROM The Ships List
116 Alden Family for 8 generations, 2003 edition Alden Kindred of America
136 Wertz Family
137 Vermont Historical Gazetteer CD-ROM NEHGS
138 Vitla Records Indes, Western Europe: Alpine, Benelux, Frendch, German, Italian, Spanish regions LDS Family History Resources Files
139 The Master Genealogist, Video Tutorial for CD-ROMs Wholly Genes software Co.
142 The Census Book - A Genealogist's Guide to Federal Census Facts, Schedules and Indexes (free CD in book) CD-ROM Dollarhide, William
143 Ohio 1870 Census Index ACD-0014 Family Quest Archives
147 FamilySearch Vital Records Index - Western Europe 21 CD-ROMs LDS Family History Resources Files
148 Presidential Family Forest CD-ROM Millisecond Publishing Co.
149 SAR Revolutionary War Graves Register CD-ROM Progeny Publishing
150 Effectively Tapping into Historical Societies & Libraries SKCGS
151 Exciting Finds in Family History Centers (Local) SKCGS
152 State of Oregon - Marriage Index 1925-1934 vol 1 & 2
153 Genealogical Library, Master Catalogue, volume 1 Genealogical Sources
154 American Tax Records - with a Kentucky Case Study CD-ROM Heritage Consulting & Services
154 American Tax Records, Kentucky
155 City Directories, New England States, 1881-1992
156 City Directories, 1885-1897
157 Greene Family, Genealogy & History Progeny Publishing
158 The Misha Defonnseca Holocaust Fraud
160 Family Histroy Resource File Viewer 4.o CD-ROM
210 Chasing Women: Finding Your Female Ancestors DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
211 Sharing Genealogy Electronically: DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
213 More Blogging For Beginners DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
215 Backing Up Your Genealogy Data DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
216 Building a Research Toolbox DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
217 Preserving Family Photographs DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
218 Dropbox for Genalogists DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
220 Facebook for Genealogists DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
221 Google Docs for Genealogists DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
222 Ready Set Write - Share Your Family Story DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
223 Google Images and Beyond DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
224 A Closer Look at Google+ DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
225 Breaking Down Your Irish Brick Wall DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
226 Brick Walls: Cracking the Case of Nathan Brown's Parents DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
227 Building a Family from Circumstantial Evidence DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
229 Digital Books and Sites for Genealogists DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
230 Digital Images: Scanning, Editing, and Preserving Your Photos DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
231 Digital Writing Tools for Genealogists DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
232 Discovering Your Massachusetts Ancestors DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
233 DNA Research for Genealogists: Beyond the Basics DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
235 FamilyRoots Organizer System DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
237 Google+ the Next Big Thing DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
238 Navigating the 1940 U.S. Census DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
239 Organization for Success DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
240 Organizing and Sharing Digital Images DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
241 Plan Your Way to Research Success DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
242 Privacy and Our Ancestors DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
243 Putting Flesh on the Bones DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
245 Researching Your Connecticut Ancestors DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
246 Researching Your German Ancestors DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
248 Researching Your Pennsylvania Ancestors DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
249 Researching Your New York Ancestors DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
250 Researching Your Scottish Ancestors DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
251 Reverse Genealogy: Finding the Living DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
252 Staying Safe Using Social Media DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
253 Ten Brick Wall Tips for Beginners DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
254 Ten Brick Wall Tips for Intermediate Researchers DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
255 The Three Cs of Irish Research: Civil Registration, Church Records, and Census DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
256 The 5 C's for Success in Genealogy Today DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
259 The Quest for Your English Ancestors DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
260 Tracing Immigrant Ancestors DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
261 Use Your Digital Camera to Copy Records DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
262 Your Civil War Ancestors: Beginning Your Research DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
263 What is a 'Reasonably Exhaustive Search'? DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
264 Wikis for Genealogists DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
265 Mapping Software for Genealogists DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
266 A Closer Look at Google+ DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
267 Research Reports for Ourselves, More than a Research Log DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
268 Information Overload? Effective Project Planning, Research, Data Management DVD-R
269 Solutions for Missing or Scarce Records #S-442 TW Jones, 2012 DVD-R
270 Blogs: Easy to Make Web Pages DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
271 Cemetaries, Watch Geoff Live DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
272 Navigating the New Census Tools in Legacy Family Tree (ver 7.5+) DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
273 Adding a Census Record, Watch Geoff Live DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
274 Adding a Death Certificate, Watch Geoff Live DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
275 Adding a Marriage Record, Watch Geoff Live DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
276 Adding an Obituary, watch Geoff Live DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
277 Ancestry Trees Can Jump Start Your Research DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
278 Captured for All Time; Recording Family Voices DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
279 Direct Your Research with City Directories DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
280 First Trip to the Courthouse DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
281 Autosomal DNA Testing DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
282 Google Search Strategies for Common Surnames DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
283 Ten Hidden Resources Every Genealogist Should Know DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
284 Researching Your Irish Ancestors DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
285 Land Records Solve Reserch Problems DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
286 How Knowing the Law Makes Us Better Genealogists DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
287 Genealogy for Novices - Where do we Begin? DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
288 Digital Research Guidance, Digital Logs, To Do Lists DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
289 Get the Scoop on Your Ancestors with Newspapers DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
290 Top Ten Techniques for Finding More in Library Catalogues DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
291 Treasure Trove of Irish Websites DVD-R Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours
292 What's New in Legacy Family Tree 8? Available online free! Online Seminar - Legacy ~1.5hours

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