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  Finding Your African American Ancestors - A Beginner's Guide Book Thackery, David T.
  Bold Spirit: Helga Estby's Forgotten Walk Across Victorian America Book Hunt, Linda Lawrence
  Isle of Canes: A Historical Novel Book Mills, Elizabeth Shown
  News From the Land of Freedom - German Immigrants Write Home Book Kamphoefer
  Women in Waiting in the Westward Movement - Life on the Home Frontier Book Peavy & Smith
  Handy Guide to Austrian Genealogical Records Book Senekovic, Dagmar
  Canadian Genealogical Resources: A Guide to Materials Held in Surrey (B.C.) Centennial Library (also listed under Libraries) Book Gutteridge, Paul
  Genealogist's Handbook for Atlantic Canada Research Book Punch, Terrence M.
  In Search of Your Canadian Roots Book Baxter, Angus
  Migration Patterns in Canada Book Smith, Edward
  Planning a Genealogical Trip to the Vancouver Area Book Argent, Judith
  The Census Book - A Genealogist's Guide to Federal Census Facts, Schedules and Indexes Book Dollarhide, William
  State and Territorial Censuses in Books and on Microfilm in the Puget Sound Region (to June 2002) Booklet Roehl, Evelyn M.
  Your Guide to the Federal Census - for genealogists, researchers, and family historians Book Hinckley, Kathleen W.
  Cyndi's List - A Comprehensive List of 40,000 Genealogy Sites on the Internet Book Howells, Cyndi
  Family Tree Maker for Dummies Book Helm, Matthew & April
  Getting the Most Out of The Master Genealogist Book Hoffman, Lee H.
  Publishing Your Family History on the Internet Book Wilson, Richard S.
  Roots Users Group (of Arlington, VA) Newsletter Notebook Roots Users Group of Arlington, VA
  Connecting to Connecticut Book Morrison, BettyJean
  A Handbook of Czechoslovak Genealogical Research Book Schlyter, Daniel M.
  The Danish Gen. Helper - Vol.1:1-4 (bound in 1) Book Everton Publishers
  Bishops' Transcripts and Marriage Licences, Bonds and Allegations - A Guide to their Location and Indexes Book Gibson, Jeremy
  Genealogical Jargon for Family Historians Book Raymond, Stuart A.
  Genealogical Research in England's Public Record Office: A Guide for North Americans Book Reid, Judith Prowse
  In Search of Your British and Irish Roots Book Baxter, Angus
  Londoners' Occupations - A Genealogical Guide Book Raymond, Stuart A.
  Your English Ancestry: A Guide for North Americans Book Irvine, Sherry
  In Search of Your European Roots, 3rd ed. Book Baxter, Angus
  Carmack's Guide to Copyright & Contracts Book Carmack, Sharon DeBartolo
  Compendium of Historical Sources Book Bremer, Ronald A.
  The Complete Idiot's Guide to Genealogy Methodology for Organizing & Compiling Gen.Records Book Rose & Ingalls
  Concise Genealogical Dictionary Book Harris, M.& Glen
  Courthouse Research for Family Historians: Your Guide to Genealogical Treasures Book Rose, Christine
  Digitizing Your Family History: Easy Methods for Preserving your heirloom documents, photos, home movies and more in a digital format Book McClure, Rhonda R.
  Directory of Family Associations (4th ed.2001) Book Bentley, Elizabeth
  500 Brickwall Solutions to Genealogy Problems Book Family Chronicle
  From Memories to Manuscript - the 5-step method of writing your life story Book Neubauer, Joan R.
  Genealogical Dates: A User-Friendly Guide Book Smith, Kenneth L.
  Genealogical Evidence Book Stevenson, Noel C.
  The Genealogist's Companion & Sourcebook Book Croom, Emily Anne
  The Genealogist's Virtual Library - Full Text Books on the World Wide Web Book Kemp, Thomas Jay
  Genetic Connections - A Guide to Documenting Your Individual and Family Health History Book Nelson-Anderson
  Getting It Right - The Definitive Guide to Recording Family History Accurately Book Slawson, Mary H.
  Google Your Family Tree - Unlock the Hidden Power of Google Book Lynch, Daniel M.
  The Handy Book For Genealogists - 10th ed. Book Everton, George B.
  The Hidden Half of the Family - A Sourcebook for Women's Genealogy Book Schaefer, Christina K.
  Hidden Sources - Family History in Unlikely Places Book Pfeiffer, Laura Szucs
  Honoring Our Ancestors: Inspiring Stories of the Quest for Our Roots Book Smolenyak, Megan S.
  If These Walls Could Talk. . . : An Easy Guide to Tracing Your House's Genealogy Book Houck, Maurcia D.
  Legacy - A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Personal History Book Spence, Linda
  Locating Lost Family Members & Friends Book Hinckley, Kathleen W.
  Managing a Genealogical Project (1999 edition) Book Dollarhide, William
  More Psychic Roots: Further Adventures in Serendipity & Intuition in Genealogy Book Jones, Henry Z., Jr.
  Newspaper Directory: over 7,000 Newspapers from all over the country Book Lapre, Don
  Redbook (Ancestry's): Am. State, Co. & Town Sources Book Eichholz, Alice
  Skeletons in Your Closet - Deciding the Fate of Family Secrets Book Earnest, Russell
  The Ultimate Search Book: Worldwide Adoption and Vital Records, 1998 edition Book Carangelo, Lori
  Unpuzzling Your Past Workbook - Essential Forms & Letters for All Genealogists Book Croom, Emily Anne
  Writing Memoirs: an 8-Session Guide Book Tornow, Joan
GEORGIA, State of
  Georgia Genealogical Research Book Schweitzer, Geo. K.
  Deciphering Handwriting in German Documents: Book Minert, Roger P.
  Deciphering the Church Records of Germany Book Boehl, Beverly
  Finding Your German Ancestors - A Beginner's Guide Book Hansen, Kevan M.
  German Genealogical Research Book Schweitzer, George K.
  German Maps & Facts for Genealogy Book Uncapher & Herrick
  The German Research Companion Book Riemer, Shirley J.
  Germanic Genealogy - A Guide to Worldwide Sources and Migration Patterns Book Brandt, Edward R.
  How to Read German Church Records without Knowing Much German Booklet Johnson, Arta F.
  If I Can, You Can Decipher Germanic Records Book Bentz, Edna M.
  In Search of Your German Roots Book Baxter, Angus
ILLINOIS, State of
  Illinois Genealogical Research Book Schweitzer, George K.
  American Naturalization Records 1790-1990 - What They Are and How to Use Them Book Newman, John J.
  Finding Your Ancestors on Ship Passenger Lists - Books and Microfilms in the Puget Sound Region Booklet Roehl, Evelyn M.
  Guide to Naturalization Records of the United States Book Schaefer, Christina
  They Became Americans - Finding Naturalization Records and Ethnic Origins Book Szucs, Loretto Dennis
INDIANA, State of
  Indiana Genealogical Research Book Schweitzer, George K.
  Tracing Ancestors Among the Five Civilized Tribes - Southeastern Indians Prior to Removal (Cherokee, Chicksaw, Choctaw, Creek & Seminoles) Book Lennon, Rachal Mills
  The Complete Book for Tracing Your Irish Ancestors Book O'Laughlin, Michael
  In Search of Your British and Irish Roots (also listed under England) Book Baxter, Angus
  Irish Records - Sources for Family & Local History Book Ryan, James G.
  Pocket Guide to Irish Genealogy Book Mitchell, Brian
  A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Italian Ancestors Book Nelson, Lynn
  Italian Genealogical Records Book Cole, Trafford R.
KENTUCKY, State of
  Kentucky Ancestry-A Guide to Gen. & Hist. Research Book Hogan, Roseann R.
  Kentucky Genealogical Research Book Schweitzer, George K.
  Locating Your Roots: Discover Your Ancestor Using Land Records Book Hatcher, Patricia Law
  Genealogist's Guide to Suzzallo Library (U.of WA) Book Walker, Joan L.
  American Expansion: A Book of Maps Book Sale & Karn
  Map Guide to American Migration Routes 1735-1815 Book Dollarhide, William
MARYLAND, State of
  Maryland Genealogical Research Book Schweitzer, George K.
  Massachusetts Genealogical Research Book Schweitzer, George K.
  Civil War Military Records: Tracing Your Ancestor in Puget Sound Area Libraries and Archives (also listed under Civil War) Booklet Roehl, Evelyn
  GI Tracks: Tracking Military Service Records Notebook Heritage Consulting Services
  How to Locate Anyone Who Is or Has Been in the Military: Armed Forces Locator Directory Book Johnson, Richard S.
  In the Footsteps of the Blue and Gray: A Civil War Research Handbook Book Brown, Brian A.
  Locating Your Revolutionary War Ancestor Book Neagles, James & Lila
  Revolutionary War Genealogy Book Schweitzer, George K.
  Searching American Military Records Book Carter, Fran
  Touchstones -A Guide to Records, Rights and Resources for families of American World War II Casualties Book Mix, Ann Bennett
  Uncle, We Are Ready! Registering America's Men 1917-1918 - A Guide to Researching World War I Draft Registration Cards Book Newman, John J.
  Genealogical Resources of the Minnesota Historical Society - A Guide Book MN Historical Society
  Missouri Genealogical Research Book Schweitzer, George K.
  Dutch Genealogical Research Book Franklin, Charles M.
  New England Genealogical Research-A Guide to Sources Book Sperry, Kip
NEW YORK, State of
  New York Genealogical Research Book Schweitzer, Geo. K.
  New York State Area Key Book Clint, Florence
  North Carolina Genealogical Research Book Schweitzer, George K.
  Grass of the Earth: The Story of a Norwegian Immigrant Family in Dakota Book Raaen, Aagot
  Land in Her Own Name - Women as Homesteaders in ND Book Lindgren, H.Elaine
  Beginner's Guide to Norwegian Genealogical Research Book Thomsen, Finn A.
  Genealogical Maps & Guide to the Norwegian Parish Registers Book Thomsen, Finn A.
  Scandinavian Genealogical Research Manual (3 vol. in 1) Book Thomsen, Finn A.
     V.1 - Danish-Norwegian Language Guide & Dictionary    
     V.2 - Old Handwriting & Names of Denmark & Norway    
     V.3 - Danish-Norwegian Genealogical Research Sources    
OHIO, State of
  Ohio Genealogical Research Book Schweitzer, George K.
OREGON, State of
  Oregon Guide to Genealogical Sources Book Lenzen, Connie
  Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Area Key Book Clint, Florence
  Pennsylvania Genealogical Research Book Schweitzer, George
  Pennsylvania Line Book Iscrupe, W. & S.
  Dating Old Photographs 1840-1929 Book Family Chronicle
  Dressed for the Photographer: Ordinary Americans & Fashion, 1840-1900 Book Severa, Joan
  More Dating Old Photographs 1840-1929 Book Family Chronicle
  Unlocking the Secrets in Old Photographs Book Frisch-Ripley, Karen
  Polish Roots (Korzenie Polskie) Book Chorzempa, Rosemary A.
  Romanians in the United States and Canada - A Guide to Ancestry and Heritage Research Book Wertsman, Vladimir F.
  Scandinavian-American Genealogical Resources Book Dickson, Dr. Charles
  Scottish Family History on the Web - A Directory Book Raymond, Stuart A.
  Your Scottish Ancestry: A Guide for North Americans Book Irvine, Sherry
  South Carolina Genealogical Research Book Schweitzer, George K.
  Tracing Your Swiss Roots Book Wellauer, Maralyn A.
  Tennessee Genealogical Research Book Schweitzer, George K.
VIRGINIA, State of
  Finding Your People in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and West Virginia Book Good & Ebert
  Virginia Genealogical Research Book Schweitzer, George K.
  International Vital Records Handbook: Births, Marriages, Deaths (4th edition-2000) Book Kemp, Thomas Jay
  Lest We Forget: A Guide to Genealogical Research in the Nation's Capital Book Hall, H. Byron, ed.
  Cut Short: A Tapestry of Life Book Clawson, Camille Krouse, compiler
  The Duwamish Diary 1849-1949 Book Cleveland High School
  History of the Neely Mansion Booklet Hardin, Fred & Mary

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