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The following is from an article that Cyndi, http://www.cyndislist.com/, posted to ROOTS-L in the spring of 1996. These points can be applied to any mailing list you join.

  • Always read the welcome message, the guidelines and the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that are written for each mailing list. Be sure that you adhere to the list's guidelines and rules in all of your postings. Certain mailing lists have very rigid structures. Save a copy of the welcome message for future reference.
  • Always 'lurk' for a few days before you begin posting your own messages. Familiarizing yourself with the practices of a mailing list can help you learn about accepted participation and save you from being 'flamed'.
  • Be sure your messages are clear and concise. Follow a format such as the following and you will be successful in conveying your meaning:
  1. Clear, concise subject lines: example: SKCGS Legacy Users Group Meeting
  2. Describe what you already know.
  3. Describe what it is that you want to find out.
  • Be careful when composing your e-mail messages to be sure that your meaning is clear:
  1. Always use proper punctuation & capitalization.
  2. Be sure to proofread your message before you send it, to check for spelling and to be sure you have made your meaning clear.
  3. Don't abbreviate or use slang terminology. Remember that your audience may be in another city, state, region or country.
  4. The safest communication is to be sure not to assume anything about your audience.
  5. Always be courteous.
  • When replying to an individual, always be sure that you have copied their e-mail address EXACTLY as it appeared in their original posting. Use your mouse to highlight the address then Edit, Copy & Edit, Paste into the new message for fool-proof e-mail addresses.
  • To quickly search a posting from a mailing list, use your e-mail program's 'Find' feature. In most programs, it will be under Edit, Find. Type in a keyword or phrase and Enter. For example, you can use this technique for finding specific surnames, topics or localities. In the instance where you receive your subscription in digest format, the Find feature will first find a keyword in the index, then to find the specific message within the digest just choose Edit, Find, Find Again.
  • If you are busy or in a hurry, read the subject lines of the messages first. If they don't interest you, you can always use the delete feature. This is why clear subject lines can be so important. If you receive your mailing list postings in digest form, scan the index at the top of the digest if there is one
  • When someone has sent you a reply to something that you posted on a mailing list, be sure to send them a thank you e-mail message. Even a short, one or two sentence reply is better than no reply at all. If you are busy and intend to reply in detail on a later date, just drop the person a quick e-mail telling them what your intentions are.


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